A humble question

Wanikani breaks down the Kanji 遜 (Humble) as Scooter + Child + Lineage.

Isn’t there an extra Drop radical there in the upper left corner?

I don’t tend to focus too much on radicals, so it’s quite possible that there are many other examples of little pieces being ignored, but this is the first one that caught my attention.

I could see incorporating the Drop radical into the mnemonic too.


the scooter radical is a simplification of the walk radical (at least I’m pretty sure?), and the number of drops it can have changes between kanji


Thanks, Lemmy. Can I ask you what source you used for the image you linked there?

The Jisho page for the kanji 遜 here! I’m not sure Jisho has separate pages for radicals, but all kanji show their “official” (not super official, I know there’s a couple different lists around which are all considered official) radical and the variations it has.

Also, when printed this kanji will have two dots, but in handwriting it can (and sticklers might say should) only have one. The two dot thing was introduced through printing conventions.


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