Language Exchange?


Does anyone know some really good language exchange sites I could try out? I’ve been trying to get into it for awhile but I can never seem to find one that really works for me. Also, I don’t have a phone. XP If you have any good ideas for finding a partner or any experiences some good sites, please help me out, I really need this. I’m homeschooled and I’ve been teaching myself Japanese so I don’t have a class or a textbook or anything to follow along with, and that makes it harder to figure out what to learn next. I’m really hoping to find someone to have actual conversations with so I can figure out what I need to work on.



Studying something in your free time doesn’t mean you can’t get a textbook. You really should be reading some kind of textbook.


I use hellotalk to get corrections on my example sentences from natives

Also, you might want to start going through Tae Kim’s grammar guide (only suggesting it because it’s free and I’m a niggardly person so thats what i use) and make sentence cards for all the example sentences. It has been serving me well grammar and vocab wise. You pick up a lot of noun words and verbs from it along with the grammar. Getting a solid base in grammar, along with a solid base kanji in from WaniKani will set you on a good path to fluency.

PS. I wouldn’t use the hellotalk app to talk to natives in Japanese until you understand everything they write so you don’t develop bad habits (like saying すごいだよ or something (grammatically incorrect because you can’t use だ with い adjectives))


I also like hellotalk, but sometimes it’s difficult if they’re so bad at speaking your native language - the poorer you are at the language you’re learning, the better your native speaker needs to be at your language.

Also, I go by the “trust, but verify” thought process - I use feedback from hellotalk as a starting point on where I need improvements


Yeah, I agree with it being hard to talk with people who aren’t skilled. But if you get lucky you can find some pretty decent English learners to form a mutual language learning assistance relationship with.


Does HelloTalk have a website or something? I mentioned not having a phone before, I think, so even though the app does sound really good if there isn’t a web version or something then I can’t use it. XP


I personally vouch for HelloTalk, it’s pretty fantastic – it’s primarily app-based, but since you don’t have a phone, it seems that they have a web-based version too, which you can find here

iTalki is also a pretty popular one, it’s free to find people to talk to but they also offer paid-services for tutors and such

As others have mentioned, it would probably be best to work through some grammar so that you can have meaningful conversations with natives – Tae Kim is a good example of an online-based guide, and they have a free online PDF



Crap, I thought you said you had a phone my b. I’m not sure if it has a website, but a decent website is iTalki. I stopped using it a while ago though because I get responses on hellotalk faster


The link you gave me sends me to a place when I’d need to use a phone to scan and sign in - why make a website that you need a phone to get into? XD Lol, but anyway, it doesn’t have any other buttons or anything so I don’t think it’ll work that way . . .


Oooo it must be that it’s a way to link your in-app profile and conversations to a web-based platform

Disregard that then, if you ever get a phone, definitely get HelloTalk, but for the time-being, iTalki would work too ^^


Oh yeah, I was wondering about that site ^^ Is it only tutors and stuff, or does it work with a messaging system too? From what I know it’s mostly Skype-based and you have to pay for each lesson, I think . . .


Ahh, okay. Thanks! ^^


You can find language partners for free, or post threads with example sentence like this that natives can correct but sometimes it takes some time for them to get around to doing that.


Thanks! That helps a lot ^^