A day late marking the milestone. Still a long way to go

I was going to mark my 1000 consecutive day streak, but I guess yesterday was busy and I missed it. When I started I certainly thought I’d be much further along, guessing I’d be on the 3 to 4 year plan. That’s been modified to the 5 to 6 year plan. Although at the current pace, I think 5 is wildly optimistic. 7 seems like a lucky number.

Taking one day off in 2019 turned into 5 months. Vowed not to make that mistake again when I reset and restarted in Feb 2020. As resolutions go, I think I’ve done pretty well so far.

Somewhere when I got well into the 20s I realized I had enough kanji (857 guru’d at this point) that even if I wasn’t doing lessons, just sitting and churning through reviews was a worthwhile activity.

So here’s to all the turtles slowly plodding along. May we all, one day, in the far future, get to eat cake.


The WKstats Projections userscript seems to do a pretty good job of estimating based on current pace, FWIW.


Congratulations on your 1000th streak! Really amazing! Almost 3 years of doing WK everyday! I think you already deserve cake for that. Or at least a slice!

Not my photo, but found a japanese artist on pinterest who drew this for their 1000th drawing!

This link doesn’t seem to lead to the userscript and just goes back to the top of this topic. But i was interested and found it here: [Userscript] WKStats Projections Page. Excited to install and check out my projections but also have some hesitation cause it might discourage me…


Whoops. Apologies.

Now fixed.

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lol, I think it said in the beginning I’d finish in 2 years. But the original has been broken since WK moved to the v2 api.

I didn’t know someone made a replacement. I’ll have to drop an API key in there and see how many decades out it projects me. :slight_smile:

OMG! That cake is amazing! And a 1000 day reference! Thank you so much! It looks delicious. I can’t wait to try it.

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