A complaint / discussion about identical meanings being incorrect. (i.e, 'Yearn' vs 'Yearn for'

Hullo! I’d like to start by saying that I understand I can solve this issue by making my own user synonyms, and that’s cool.
My issue is that I’m paying $100 a year (more than I do for any other subscription), so I shouldn’t have to.

There are many, many examples, but the one that has annoyed me the most recently is the vocab / kanji for ‘Yearn’, 'Yearn for" and “Yearning.”
On all of these mentioned, if you write anything other than the exact variant, you will get it wrong, despite the identical meaning.

Would love if people could post their similar experiences and we could collate some problematic meanings.


You’re level 60? why do you have an active subscription?

Reaching level 60 isn’t the result of all items having been activated or burned.


These are not identical. “Yearning” is noun describing an abstract emotion. “Yearn for” is a transitive verb, requiring a direct object. “Yearn” is an intransitive verb. Usually them interchangeably in English would be incorrect.

(And yes, I get annoyed with transitive/intransitive verb pairs, too. But that’s between me and the Japanese language, not WK’s problem.)


My TLDR suggestion would be getting off WaniKani and moving to Anki where you decide whether you know the word or not. Also, at some point it’s more relevant to know how to use a word rather than its exact meaning in English or another language.

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