9-nine-ゆきいろゆきはなゆきのあと 9️⃣ Week 1 (Visual Novel Book Club, offshoot)

This is being read as an offshoot continuing Episode 3. Episode 1 was originally read as part of the Visual Novel Book Club.

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Current week start date: July 21, 2023
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We’re aiming to read approximately 25k characters per week! A suitable enough end point will be selected each week and posted within the thread.

This week's endpoint: 24.9k

[ POTENTIAL SPOILERS ] , both text and screenshot are safe to open after the 15 387 characters transition mark.

希亜の枝, day 4/17.

Choices to follow

I don’t think the order of the choices matters but, just in case, I followed the order suggested in the guide. I haven’t included “choices” that only give one possible option to choose from, so always feel safe to click on those.

No. Choice
1 【結城ヴァルハラ・ソサイエティ】: 天の枝
2 【決起】: 春風の枝
3 【犯人の自死】: 都の枝
Scene transitions and character count (Steam version)
Location Character Count
Interdimension 20
Street (都の枝, day 4/17) 1 000
Shrine 1 187
Kakeru’s home 3 059
Interdimension 3 670
Shrine (春風の枝, day 5/04) 4 987
Interdimension 6 151
Park (天の枝, day 5/10) 7 029
Kakeru’s home (春風の枝, day 5/03) 9 460
Shrine (都の枝, day 5/10) 11 546
Interdimension 14 904
Shrine (希亜の枝, day 4/17) 15 387
Station 16 425
Street 17 570
Nine ball 18 141
Kakeru’s home 19 700
Nine ball 19 845
Park 21 154
Kakeru’s home 21 913
Kakeru’s home (Endpoint) 24 851

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New episode then! I admit I wasn’t too thrilled to visit the same happenings of the previous ones and I got a tiny bit bored at some point, but after half of it I started being engaged again now with Noa’s route. I actually thought everything was going so fast, I was wondering if the character count would be accurate at all :joy: . But obviously there was a “twist” and now with the proper new route I guess we have the whole thing going on for a long while. I have to admit I’m not super hyped about the premise of “rectifying” a past moment with the same Iris’ fight, but hey if they manage to make it properly then judging by the rating it’s probably good.

I really like the interdimensional space being able to see all the timelines so far, it’s a nice addition and it really helps my brain frame events more accurately, I was so thankful that I could see everything again that I read the whole thing :joy: . I’m not sure if that can be visited on command, though? I haven’t seen any trigger for it other than just advancing the story. I didn’t know how to call that space so I went ahead and named it Interdimension haha. I’m not sure if it makes much sense or if it’s awkward but if you think of a better, more natural name let me know and I’ll change it.

But anyways so far seems alright! We got to see Sophie, finally hehe. That was a bit unexpected, her appearance was much different from what I had in mind. I can’t really describe what I imagined her as, but you know that feeling, when you see the illustration of a character you’ve read about before and then your brain goes either “nope” or “totally”. But I like her! At first I thought her voice didn’t match her appearance haha but after a bit I got used to it.

We’ll see how the route develops. I like that we now know Noa from the beginning, I wonder how exactly that will change the timeline but probably a lot. Probably one of my favourite moments this week was the off-brand Code Geass and its protagonist, ハルーシュ :joy: . I can’t remember how Suzaku was written lmao. I love that anime, it’s been so many years I don’t remember much right now, but that was funny. If you haven’t watched it though DO NOT search anything about it, just a spoiler can ruin the whole series. It’s worth a watch, if you’re into it.


My very first reaction wasn’t great, being greeted by meta Sophie again and then seeing the full timeline to jump through in universe gave me vibes of ANOTHER classic VN I can’t mention the name of, haha. Overall it grew on me quickly though – I thought going back to change elements of past scenes was kind of interesting, personally, and I like the vibe this episode is going for of finally bringing all the disparate stuff from the first 3 episodes together for what seems to be an attempt at a “perfect” run. It had to be inevitable with this power.

Plus, Yuuki seems to have a lot of potential? She’s the only episode heroine I don’t feel like I’ve figured out after a single conversation; they’re doing a better job making me wonder what’s going on with her and it seems like we’re getting some of what @2OC3aOdKgwSGlxfz was hoping for, with Kakeru having to actively work to pursue her. I also really loved her new sprites and that CG in the cafe; they did a great job aesthetically.

Overall, feeling pretty good about this start. I didn’t save it at the time but there was this moment, maybe others will remember what I’m talking about, when Yuuki is sorta joking about not revealing her power because she can look cool that way, and for a minute, in his shock, everything Kakeru said and the way he said it sounded like it he was perfectly channeling Sora. Loved it.

I haven’t seen that, appreciate the help getting one of the references for once, haha. At least I know Netflux :skull:


I wasn’t too thrilled with the beginning but after all the intro stuff finished I feel like it was starting to pick up a lot. I’m still not really big on the whole 4th wall thing with us “directly” talking to Sophie. I did think it was kind of funny that the “overload” view was just a flow chart for the VN :joy: It was nice to have that though to get a quick refresher on some events. I’m glad this VN skipped the whole copy/paste intro about the city etc like the last two games had.

So far the stuff with Yuuki has been cute. I was kind of afraid she’d be super chuuni here but so far nothing bad. The scene where she was trying to pet the cat was adorable and I liked the CG in the cafe too. Seeing Kakeru try to go chuuni mode to get on her good side was great.

The new song we got for Yuuki was nice, I’ve been liking all of the heroine’s theme songs so far in each new ep.

If you click on the bottom right near the textbox there is an “overload” button that takes you to that view.

It was definitely not what I was expecting either. I feel like her appearance looked too cutesy while in my mind I figured she’d look like an お婆ちゃん :joy:


Ah thanks! I didn’t notice :slight_smile: . Not sure how useful it will be at this point but it’s always nice to go back to.


I thought it was an interesting start for this chapter. For a while there I started thinking this episode was going to be going back and forth between scenes in various branches trying to figure out Yuuki’s inner thoughts, which seemed an interesting mechanic, but it seems we are going to the good old new-chapter-new-branch of always.

I also loved the must-channel-my-inner-chuuni scene where クソ兄貴 interacts with Yuuki for the “first time”. I liked a lot the new facial expressions for Yuuki, they were really nicely done. And talking about new images, I didn’t think they would bother making an actual Sophie sprite, but it was an interesting touch to meet her “in person”.

I don’t know if I had mentioned this, but I had been suspecting that the person dying at the end of episode 1 was actually Takamine for a while. Glad to see this getting sort of clarified.

And sadly no screenshots from me … just as I reached the endpoint I had my own オーバーロード moment - my computer crashed and then windows decided to load from a different HDD where I had a very old installation of windows I hadn’t used in years. Definitely felt like going back in time :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I am pretty happy with how her story is developing so far. It makes sense that Yuuki sees クソ兄貴 from a completely different perspective given how they have met in this branch - which the VN itself tries to emphasize with the way Yuuki starts calling him by his name. I am wondering if they are going to team together to stop the fire guy and the first 石化 incident.