Forgot to turn Vacation Mode on

So I went home to the Philippines for 2 weeks and forgot to turn my Wanikani into Vacation Mode. It didn’t even cross my mind to check the site even though I used to keep my reviews to 0 everyday but… now… bless me… please… o_o


PS. do you keep your items in Enlightened so you get more practice remembering them? instead of just burning?

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Your lucky to only have 1254 review. I would have had three to four time more ha ha. Just go in slowly everything will probably be all right. Or just take 1 week break to all do them your choice :slight_smile:

Good luck.

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If you really think about it though, you don’t really have 1254 reviews. You have actually have 2508 reviews since you have to answer each one twice (reading and meaning).


This could happen at close to full speed. Get to level 22 within 6 months, and you’ll only have had the opportunity to burn the first couple levels I guess. Not totally sure about the math


Don’t forget the radicals. Those only get reviewed once. Also the number is 1234


that makes complete sense, I didn’t even think about that :sweat_smile:
thank you! and good luck

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A more helpful message to OP

Those are a lot of reviews to catch up to. The most I have had piled up was in the 300s, so take this with a grain of salt, but common advice of course, is to not do any lessons, even if they come in during reviews. ( Did still have many current level kanji or radicals in apprentice?)

Second, try to do at least some of them everyday (I would tell myself to do at least 30 or so everytime I picked up my phone to do some. Sometimes several times a day, but usually at least once.

When you have time try to do a longer sitting, blasting quickly through a hundred or more, don’t worry too much about accuracy, don’t take too much time thinking items over before you answer, because your SRS is screwed up, especially on apprentice/guru items. Let them fall back a couple SRS levels, if you didn’t remember them. I think with big piles like this one, speed over accuracy is the way to go.

Also the pile will keep getting reviews added on, since you’ll be failing some items, and other master and enlightened items will also be up for review in the next while. Expect this and try not to get too frustrated at your pile not decreasing as much as you want. Every item you clear is another item you learned, so focus on the learning aspect, instead of the gaming aspect.

After you’ve cleared your pile, I would also advice you to look closely at your apprentice items, and see if you can handle doing lessons right away, or if you need to work on those items you got wrong first.



You’re right. I don’t know where I got that from lol

Seriously though. That amount of reviews is a lot but can be knocked it over several days. The most I’ve had to go through at one time was almost 500 and it took like three or four sessions. It’s entirely doable.


True. Except when your motivation is low. Like I had over Christmas break, with only 300+. Took me almost two weeks, until I got a big motivation boost one night and just flew through them all, haha


Reset back a bit. It’s like a post-vacation vacation mode. You’ll be thankful when that number drops and it looks more manageable.

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You’re obviously a heavy userscript user, but just to be sure - install Override and Lightning Mode. It’s such a lifesaver in situations like these - easily cuts review times in half.

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I’m so used to Lightning Mode at this point, that I doubt that I would be able to continue WK without it x)


I just started last July so my burn items are just starting to pop-up, I guess?

Thanks guys! I know this is doable but next vacation I’ll try not to skip Wanikani so Koichi won’t spank me.

Back in track! :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:


Congratulations. See it only took 6 days!


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