60 levels in 600 days!

I’ve finally passed lvl 60 !!!

my stats

How fast was I?

So today is actually my day number 604, but I reached level 60 on day 599.

Cringe, that’s not even max pace…
I went as fast as I could from level 21. The only regret is not going faster sooner

My study methods

How did I increase my pace?
The way I went from 3-week levels to almost 1-week levels was by using the lesson reorder script, review reorder script and actually using the mnemonics. For some reason, I had stopped using them(mnemonics) maybe around level 10.

My method for learning the kanji is as follows(I would do all the kanji at once, it’s more stressful on the first day but makes the rest of the days calmer):

  1. Do the kanji lessons, read each mnemonic, only pass items from lessons if I can recall the mnemonic.
  2. Try to do the apprentice reviews as soon as they are available.
  3. After doing the kanji reviews for the level, review the mnemonic for any item I could recall it for, even if I got the review correct.

I have been mining with anki, maybe since level 18? I have just over 2k cards there but have stopped adding new ones since I started the wanikani fast levels. I hope to start back soon

tv in Japanese, either JP subs or raw. I wish I had gotten rid of English subs earlier because using them is a complete waste of time. 2k good words and the patience to use yomichan to look up what you don’t know is enough to understand the plot of shows IMO.

books… I’m currently reading 羊をめぐる冒険, I’m finding it boring but will try and finish it soon.

Please recommend me a book

My favourite show is Kingdom and the next book on my to-read list is 三国志 but if anyone has a recommendation please please tell me.

I wish I could become so obsessed with books I would want to do nothing but read all day lol.

My book recommendation for others is 三日の幸福
Gigguk(the youtuber) actually recommends it on his channel somewhere.

My study plans for the future

I will be going to Japan for study abroad later this year, I hope to improve as much as I can by then.
I will be reading a lot, I can already tell…

I will also be realising an ebook reading app in February before my uni semester starts back, it will be a competitor of typhoon. (it forces vertical text and doesn’t load entire chapters into memory making certain improperly formatted epubs unreadable) but I’m still trying to think of a catchy name for it…
I’ll make a different post about this once it’s done though.

Quick wanikani review(and more)

I had strongly considered quitting wanikani in favour of anki a few months ago but decided to stick with it. The reason was that I thought wanikani was too slow/inefficient. This is definitely the case without using the lesson reorder script, it should be a built-in feature IMO.

For now, it gets my star of approval.
Although it costs more than a textbook like Genki, unlike a textbook which is an F-tier learning tool for languages wanikani has educational value.
Comparison to anki
The pros are that it is beginner/idiot friendly. For someone who knows nothing about srs or studying vocab, it just tells you what to do, unlike anki where you have to take more responsibility with settings and understanding the software blah blah.
The cons are that it’s less customizable. I made a plugin for turning vocab into sentence cards and you can do most other customizations you would with anki in wanikani, it’s just more work.

This would be a huge waste of time to use. What kind of m would spend all this time on wanikani, and then want to do even more flashcards, especially english->japanese.

I used this for maybe 2 months, I don’t recommend. It’s a well-made product but I think recall is better than cloze for grammar. For 文型, I would just mine these as if they were any other sentence with this

Thank you for reading if you did :slight_smile:


That’s really spectacular! Congratulations you are awesome!


Congratulations on your achievement!

That seems a breakneck speed to me… ^_^;


Congratulations on reaching level 60! Enjoy a :cake: !

For a book recommendation, I’m currently read this: チュベローズで待ってる AGE22

Aside from this novel, I’ve only ever read manga in Japanese so this is the only thing I can recommend lol

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Congratz !

Yeah, I recently failed to push some kanjis to enlighten and realized there there was some kanjis that I didn’t know the mnemonics for. It’s quite tempting to skip mnemonics for kanjis you happen to know already when they are first introduced in wanikani.
I started by more thorough with mnemonics, forcing myself to recall them before inputing the answer.

1 level a week is intense tho. How many reviews per day is that ?

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It depends on the amount of Apprentice items one have. For me right now the total amount of reviews flunctuates around 300-400 items/daily that I spread into three sessions (breakfast - lunch - dinner). But I do agree that it’s an intense pace that I’ll most likely reduce upon reaching level 30.

Amazing achievement! Congrats on getting this far! :partying_face: :tada:

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For about 15 levels I didn’t just skip reading the mnemonics, I barely even read anything about the kanji. I was spending maybe 5-6 seconds per item, and I did it for all the kanji and it really killed my progress lol.

I have about 370 reviews a day +/- 50 if I had to guess. I don’t think I’ve ever had 600 in one day. I should go down soon I hope. on the normal pace levels I must have had 220 per day on average I think.

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三国志 is awesome but I really hope you’re not planning to read it in Japanese lmao. I think kaniwani and bunpro are clutch af, especially the latter, but kaniwani is only really useful if you plan on speaking regularly imo. congrats on finishing, hopefully I can join you soon enough

Congratulations!! Can you share the links of the scripts you used?

Hey Barsky! Welcome to the Level 60 club and a huge おめでとう on your achievement! You definitely deserve some おいしいケーキ for this one!

Enjoy, and good luck with your e-reader app! We look forward to hearing about it! :slightly_smiling_face:

-Nick at WK

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Reorder Ultimate If I could have only one script it would have been this.
Reorder Omega for reviews, set it to speed demon mode
Double Check Lightning mode is a must-have for sure. The double-check itself is good if you are like me and have appalling typing accuracy/make many spelling errors. Though recently I have been using
Anki mode

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How long did you do WK for everyday? CONGRATS!!!