4 Years Later ... First Burn! Feels good!

I first tried this program in June of 2017, but it wasn’t right for me at the time. This past January, I decided to go for it again, and I just had my first burn this morning.

It was a nice surprise to start the day.

The next major milestone is level 60, I guess, so I’m celebrating this one now. Much respect and support to everyone out there working though WK and learning this stuff.

Let’s go!




Congrats! Must have felt great :grin:


The next great milestone for you (also me) will be lv 30. Halfway means you already know around 80% of all common used kanjis. Feels even great to think about it xD Lets goooo


Congratulations! Every burn is still an absolute joy for me (and often a surprise, LOL).


Ah, good call. So that’s the point of diminishing, but still helpful returns, huh?

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Its not diminishing at all^^ just the fact that you got the common one done. but you still need to look p every 1 out of 10 kanjis. thats what the last levels are for. And ofc you will never be finished before you dont reach a level of like 20.000 kanjis xD like a native. but nothing to worry just jet


And about three months later, it’s over 1,000. I’m getting a pretty good sense of the progression.

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