2100 KaniWani reviews

the けい is a lie! :wink:
Maybe it’s carrot cake? i use a carrot mnemonic for a lot of かs ^^
Or maybe it’s car tire cake. yummy.


The car smashed in the carrot cake :stuck_out_tongue:
Good one, carrot cake!
We have a very silly Dutch song where they sing (but in Dutch):
having fun with the girls, girls.
having fun with the girls, coffee.
having fun with the girls, carrotcake.


haha, that sounds like a fun song, and a great mnemonic specifically for you ^^

It’s hilarious haha. But probably only when you’re Dutch.

Oh wait: https://www.musixmatch.com/lyrics/MEROL/Lekker-Met-De-Meiden/translation/english

Jeesh I’m so offtopic.

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2500 Enlightened!

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offtopic is fine in this topic i think ^^
i’ll take a look at the video when i’m back home ^^

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just burned my first 10 turtles (level 1 radicals) :smiling_imp: :grin:

yours should be coming up soon too!


help em burn! haha.
aww i feel bad with those cute pictures, i don’t actually like burning turtles ^^


Congrats on your first burns!!!

Yep!! Mine are coming up this Friday at 18:00 :smiley:

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Heya, how are you doing these days?

I leveled up on Tuesday, and did all the lessons on the same day i think.
That meant that i had over 300 reviews the day after, which i didn’t manage to get to 0 immediately.
But i’m happy to say i managed to get to 0 again today, one day later :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, tomorrow my last radical reviews which unlock the remaining kanji will be 30 minutes into a concert i’ll be at. Worst timing ever :sweat_smile:

Btw my favourite new custom mnemonic is for 管理: pipe (dream) reasoning is what management people do. haha

Do you also notice that remembering new kanji is getting… somewhat easier? I think Tofugu wrote about that in an article too. You get a feel for a reading the more kanji you know that share it, and for remembering mnemonics and shapes, i guess. I don’t know, maybe i’m just on a roll and energetic right now. i’m very curious how my higher level burn reviews will go, haha.

Bunpro-wise, i don’t manage to do lessons very often, because i already get about 40-50 reviews per day. Kinda odd, when i haven’t really been doing lessons for days. But i think i’ll do another set of 3 now.

I’m really excited about Weathering With You releasing in cinema right now, probably gonna go to a showing with Japanese audio and subtitles in a few days :slight_smile: you know i’m a Shinkai nerd, right? Love all his movies, Your Name, Garden of Words, 5 Centimeters per second… they say the writing isn’t perfect, but… the feels <3

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Congrats on your leveling up and doing so many reviews!!
Ugh horrible timing indeed, with the concert. I had it once I went to the movies. And I already did to many kanji wrong, so it took me two days longer in total.

LOL I just had the vocab for manager, which is 管理人
And sometimes 人 is pronounced as nin. And I remember it because managers are sometimes a-holes haha.

That same-reading script thingy is wonderful, it also helps to remember kanji quicker. So thank you for that :smiley: Though I’m behind with the self-study script and things I can’t remember are adding up more quickly. But yeah duh, the total is getting larger, so it’s not so surprising.

I haven’t been doing new BunPro for weeks now, maybe months. I only did 3 lessons last week and that was it. I used to do 3 new lessons each day. It gets extreme if you do that hahaha. Can’t recommend that. Or maybe I can :stuck_out_tongue: Because you get so many different stuff that IF you do remember something, you remember it well. It’s like the WK people being against multiple choice. Make the circumstances as difficult as you can. If you still remember, it’s proof you remember it well.

I’m kind of always at 0/0 with WK.
I think KW is getting around the next SRS level, so it’s adding up quickly. It’s 627 now.
BunPro is at 43. My study streak has been reset though and I’m now at day 3 UGH.

Ahh I still need to see all of those movies!! Nowadays I can’t seem to get the time in to do stuff like that haha.

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I followed this thread for a little while and I just want to say that I am amazed at how quickly you ran through these reviews. :open_mouth:

I also completely forgot about KW, so I have been doing reviews there as well. Realised I’m not doing as well over there as I am here, but I’d say that’s due to lack of practice lol. I also don’t always have as much time to study as I’d like, but I’m making due with the time I have (and want to invest, too). That’s why I like weekends so much. :smiley:

Keep it up! And congrats on your first burn.


Thank you!!!
So, how many reviews do you have on KW? I want to enjoy the horror :stuck_out_tongue:

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By the way, have you tried the WK Wallpaper generators? They show you what kanji you’ve learned, color coded by SRS stage.
Here’s a simple but good one:
This seems to the second version of it, lots more options like how to sort, though i like the simplicity of the first one:

I won’t spoil what the first one looks like for you, because our images will be similar, but here’s a preview of the second one sorted by Kanji frequency. These are about the 500 most frequent kanji, which make up 80% of an average text (7x69):

Ok, actually let me show you what the first one looks like when you’re at level 9:

(yes, these are the 2048 WK Kanji, more or less, even though it doesn’t look like it)

I like having this as a desktop wallpaper, and updating it from time to time, makes your progress very visible (=


Ha! I did the exact same thing :smiley: :smiley: Love it!!
I recently changed my wallpaper to something climbing related though haha.

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Wow it changed a lot from last time haha <3


This was the last one I saved haha

That looks like level 12 or something, haha, no wonder you’re positively surprised by the new one :grin:

Haha yeah! Had no idea it was THAT long ago lol.
But also, we’re moving fast!!

Yup, we’re the speed demons, as they say :smiling_imp: SRS-aholics :smiley:

Btw, if i didn’t have a few Bunpro reviews/lessons left, i’d say i’m bored :wink:

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