2100 KaniWani reviews

oh, don’t read that other thread i made, at least not all of it, the discussion wasn’t very productive :grin:

Congrats on level 26! I’ll probably be lagging one level and one day behind you until you’re 60. But that’s okay :smiley:

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Yeah I something about capitalization? But I couldn’t figure out what it was about and I was lazy haha. Easily distracted.

I can warn you about horrible kanji coming up :stuck_out_tongue:
I saw someone do level 26 in half the amount of time. But it appears to have changed. It’s not possible now.

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Yeah, i saw that from jprspeira too, but fast levels changed, they are 1-2,43-44, 46-47 and 49-60 now.

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Lol exactly the user that I saw it from too :stuck_out_tongue:
Ohhh 43 okay, that will be a looong time before I’ll be there.


4000 items learned!! (data from wanikaniexplorer.com)

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Nice, congrats! Hmm, i always get “Disconnected from server” on that site when i load my API key.

Do you use Level up celebrator? It also shows you things like 2000th Enlightened item from time to time. Or my Show Number of Learned Kanji, Vocab script? Or Kumirei’s Progress Percentages, which shows you how many Kanji in percent of N5, N4, Twitter, Wikipedia occurences etc. you know?

thanks! I’ve just tried but it doesnt accept my API1 key for whatever reason… Whenever API keys are involved, nothing works properly or without a lot of hassle :tired_face:

actually this is the first time an API key thing didn’t work for me ^^

So weird the older API doesn’t work… It works fine here.

No, I don’t use level up celebrator, forgot all about it! Going to use it now. Thanks!

Awesome script you’ve made, I’ve installed it! Thanks :smiley:

Progress percentages in wanikanistatics are fine for now.

Scripts I use now:
WK Community Mnemonics
Wanikani Dashboard Progress Plus
Wanikani Ultimate Timeline
Wanikani Reorder Ultimate 2
Wanikani Lightning Mode
WaniKani Lesson Ordering II
Wanikani Self-Study Quiz
Kanji Highlighter (turned off for now)
Wanikani Golden Burn
Wanikani Heatmap
WaniKani LevelUP Celebrator
Wanikani Number of Learned Kanji, Vocab

Definitely not using the one where you can correct your mistakes. Too tempting to abuse it.

Lol did they delete 乱交 (orgy)? I just put some data from wanikaniexplorer and I’m getting an error. And it can’t find that word anymore on WK.


noooooooooo, i want my orgy back! i think i even made a custom mnemonic for that.
it’s also promiscuity. yup, i just checked, can’t be found anymore on WK. weird.

What is this for stupid kind of censorship haha.

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a few more scripts you didn’t list i find super useful:
Pitch Info - tells you the intonation of the word. super useful to pronounce correctly. e.g. 箸 HAshi chopsticks goes down, 橋 haSHI bridge goes up.
By the way, the large majority of words goes up on the second syllable. And in my experience many of the words that go down have a sort of superiority element, like justice (coming from up high, going down on people), definition, 非難 criticism, etc.
Katakana Madness - makes onyomi readings in katakana. super useful to know when WK expects onyomi and when kunyomi. also practices katakana.
Keisei Semantic-Phonetic Composition - tells you which part of the kanji is responsible for the pronunciation. often shows you how many kanji with the same radical have the same pronunciation, like everything with 官 is pronounced kan.
Example Sentences - more example sentences
Font randomizer - practice reading different fonts and handwriting. just don’t install armed banana, it’s super ugly and annoying, and not even good practice. i don’t currently use this because Armed Banana annoyed me, and i can read handwriting pretty well. i should use it again though.
Stroke Order Diagram - i don’t look at it too often, i’ll learn writing later, but still sometimes nice
Lesson Hover Details - see how many of the lessons are kanji/radicals/vocab
More Hotkeys - play Kenichi’s audio with Shift+J (female audio still on J)

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As always, after a hassle, it suddenly works (it has been like this for every time I’ve used an API. After a few hours and trying again, it suddenly works).
However, the only think NOT working, is seeing my critical items and downloading them. Great lol

Lol mnemonic for kanji with reading “けい”: cake.
Actual kanji voor cake shows up (but with reading か).
Types けい. Wrong. けい. Wrong. けい. Wrong. けい. Wrong


the けい is a lie! :wink:
Maybe it’s carrot cake? i use a carrot mnemonic for a lot of かs ^^
Or maybe it’s car tire cake. yummy.


The car smashed in the carrot cake :stuck_out_tongue:
Good one, carrot cake!
We have a very silly Dutch song where they sing (but in Dutch):
having fun with the girls, girls.
having fun with the girls, coffee.
having fun with the girls, carrotcake.


haha, that sounds like a fun song, and a great mnemonic specifically for you ^^

It’s hilarious haha. But probably only when you’re Dutch.

Oh wait: https://www.musixmatch.com/lyrics/MEROL/Lekker-Met-De-Meiden/translation/english

Jeesh I’m so offtopic.

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2500 Enlightened!

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offtopic is fine in this topic i think ^^
i’ll take a look at the video when i’m back home ^^

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