17540 Days on Current Level


So, I just got to level 52 about 2 hours ago, but according to the stats site I have 17540 days, 22 hours on this new level. Also, level 51 took me 0 days, 0 hours, that’s a new record for me!



You’re so close to the end, why would you slack off that much now?

Edit: Why would you slack off that much 48 years ago?


You are simultaneously an inspiration to the Speed Demons and an unbeatable poster child of the Slow and Steady Ones. Impressive!


Dunno, got caught in the Cold War and stuff. You know, the usual stuff.


Heh… known bug. I’ll fix it during the overhaul for APIv2.

(Too many exceptions in the ‘guestimation’ algorithm. APIv2 provides better info)


The Unix Epoch is a cruel mistress


NOOOO don’t fix it…I love this…


I have officially joined the club!



Mine went back to normal :frowning:



I thought I was the only one


seems legit, 8/8 m8


Not quite as long but I felt like sharing mine as well. It seems like level 11 was really harsh to me.