10 Minute Biographies Home Thread (Absolute Beginner Book Club) - Finished!

I’ve acquired my Kindle copy, and despite my initial worries, it’s not going to be at all hard to follow along page-by-page; it’s one of those Kindle books which, instead of rendering things in HTML where possible, is more-or-less just a glorified comic file, with one image for each page and no text outside of those images. Not usually my favorite way for an eBook to be formatted—readers designed for reflowable text don’t tend to handle displaying long successions of images all that neatly, and readers designed for comics can’t deal with reflowable-text filetypes—but in this context it’s very convenient.


Good to know, I think I’ll go ahead and purchase Kindle too :slightly_smiling_face:

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OMGJapan currently have this on sale too - 15% off, or US$12.58. Have just ordered my copy after hours of tetris-like pushing and pulling to see what I could add to my cart without paying any more shipping… :thinking:

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You can also get the book with fast and cheap shipping in Europe on this website. :smile:


Just a reminder, one week to go til we start reading this book. I’ll be putting up a thread for the first chapter discussion next week and will post a link to it on this home thread.

Looking forward to learning more about the lives of these two gentlemen plus the ten others we’ll be reading about in the book.

Screen Shot 2020-10-29 at 20.51.18


We are about ready to go! Officially this bookclub starts at midnight in Japan on November 7th, which in your time zone is 2020-11-06T15:00:00Z but I’ve put the thread up while I’ve had time tonight so please feel free to start discussing the first scheduled page.

Here is the link to the chapter one thread. Each time we start a new chapter I’ll post a link on this thread - so you might want to set this thread to watching to get alerts (click on the grey box below the last post on the thread).


For those who are interested I’ve tried to map out the schedule for the rest of the book. We finish chapter 3 on Dec 24, so I’ve given us a two day break on Dec 25-26th.

The last page of each chapter is quite heavy with text, so I’ve included the chapter title page at the start of each chapter as a day’s reading. These pages have just a single sentence of text to translate, and I hope give people a chance to catch up on finishing the previous chapter.

There are a couple of pages mid chapter with no text (e.g. page 95). I haven’t included these as a day’s reading.

If I did it without any mistakes we are scheduled to finish April 24th.


Bought the book, gonna step in on this when y’all get to Chapter 2 :slightly_smiling_face:


Are you maybe planning on starting reading sessions on discord for this one, too?

I hadn’t planned to but if someone wants to set it up then go for it!

We start chapter 2 later today. :tada: A new chapter means a new thread - so here is a link to the chapter 2 thread.

Remember, each chapter is a separate story in it’s own right, so if you’ve fallen behind or are just starting, this is a good place to jump in and join us!

We are continuing to read at one page a day. The first page is just the chapter heading and subtitle so it’s a light day. That means a bit of a rest day for those who are up to date, or a catch up day if you’re still finishing chapter 1. :grinning:


This looks amazing! I really want to join, but I think I will postpone it until I have finished my exams. I hope it will be possible to join directly on the 3rd chapter.

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Wow! I only discovered these book clubs today. I will have to join in, albeit a little late!


All the chapters are essentially separate short stories so you can jump in any time. There’s guidance on getting hold of the book in the top post of this thread. You will be very welcome to join us!


Excellent! My copy is on its way. I have a lot of free time at the moment so I should be able to catch up. Thanks!


I’ve just finished Kiki’s Delivery Service so I’m going to jump in at chapter 2 for now.


Wow you got to level 60 so quickly! Great to have you here.

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Seriously impressed by both of these milestones.

Glad you’re joining us. Welcome back!


I did quite a speed run… for me it kind of kept me motivated but now I need to work on the grammar side of things!

Reading Kiki was hard but not impossible and definitely pushed me forward. I’m looking forward to a more chilled pace with this book!


Just bought the book! Lets see how long it takes to ship from Japan to Norway :slight_smile: