10分で読める物語 二年生 Story 7 (夏休み、ぼくは おばあちゃんに 行った)

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夏休み、ぼくは おばあちゃんちに 行った

In the Summer Holidays, I Went to Grandma’s House


Squish, squish

I think… Or maybe it’s the sound of the train. Or maybe it’ll become clear as we continue reading.

おばあちゃんの 家は 遠い。

Grandma’s house is far away.

電車に のって 二時間、バスで 三十分、それから 歩いて 二十分も かかる。

It takes two hours by train, thirty minutes by bus, and then even another twenty minutes walk (to get there).

すごい いなか。はたけの 中の 一けん家だ。

It’s absolute countryside. A house standing alone in the middle of fields.


could be short for this: ぐちゃぐちゃ(と)文句を言う which somehow means grumpy and complaining. https://dictionary.goo.ne.jp/word/ぐちゃぐちゃ/
It seems to jive with the text that follows.

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That’s possible.

One wonders if a Japanese speaker would immediately understand the intent…

Great dissection of the text!

The the second to last sentence, where did you get the absolute from? sugoi? I always thought was amazing? I am still new to learning Japanese though so I am not sure.

So, I asked some teachers I work with, they said that this means random. So like random stuff or something random.

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Yeah, from すごい. Jisho lists “to a great extent” as definition 3 - I took it to be emphasizing the いなかness of the location, rather than saying that the いなか is amazing.

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Ahh I see that makes a lot of sense. Your interpretation was much better than my initial thoughts. Thank you for clearing that up!

Page 84

正月に 行った とき、お年玉 を 百円しか くれなかった 。

When I went on New Year’s Day, she only gave me a hundred yen for the New Year’s gift.

おまけに、テレビも ない。To make matters worse, there is also no TV.

そんな ところに、夏休みじゅう いたら 、ぼくは きっと へんに なっちやう。If I stay in such a place all summer, I will surely go crazy. いたら just guessing on this word

すごく ゆううつ だった。 (The thought of) it was very depressing.

夏休みが はじまって すぐ。Summer vacation is starting soon.


Let’s see if we can do page 85

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I was just thinking of doing the next page, but since you mention it, how long has it been since you last did one? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I added some part you forgot :wink:

I think it’s the verb いる in the -たら form, meaning “if …”, so your translation is OK :slight_smile:


OK, it’s been a loooong time, but I cannot guarantee I’ll have time. I’ll try at around 2pm

sorry… no time

I also see we missed the first sentence of page 84.

それに おばあちゃんは、すごく ケチで いじわるなんだ。

Ah, so we did.

それに おばあちゃんは、すごく ケチで いじわるなんだ。

Also, grandma is super stingy, and mean.

Skipping to the last line of the page:

大きな リュックを しょって、おとうさんと いっしょに ぼくは おばあちゃんちに 行った。

Carrying a huge rucksack, I went to grandma’s house together with dad.

「それじゃ、イサムを よろしく。」と 言って、おとうさんが 帰って しまうと、ぼくは おばあちゃんと 二人きりに なった。

“Well, please take care of Isamu” he said, and went home, and then it was just me and grandma.

おばあちゃんが、ジロッと ぼくを 見た。三びきの ねこも、ジロッと ぼくを 見た。

Grandma stared at me. Her three cats also stared at me.

ぼくは ふるえあがった。

I trembled violently.

おばあちゃんちは、すごく きたない。

Grandma’s house was super messy.

大地しんが おきちゃったみたいに、家の 中が ぐちゃぐちゃなんだ。

Looking like a big earthquake had struck, the inside of the house was in a disarray.

And there’s ぐちゃぐちゃ. I knew we’d get context eventually

But kid… stop whining already. :stuck_out_tongue:


Eep. How has it been nine days since the last post?

Page 86, then:

げんかんは どろだらけ。

The entryway is full of mud.

かさ立てには、ほねの おれた かさが つっこんで ある。

The umbrella stand is crammed full of umbrellas with broken ribs.

ろうかは ネコの 足あとだらけ。

The hall is covered with cat paw prints.

家じゅう ざらざらしてる。

There’s sand all through the house.

The sentence doesn’t specifically say “sand”, but I think that’s what the sound effect is implying. Compare with this blog.

まどなんか、一度も ふいた ことが ないみたいで、すっかり きもりガラスに なってるし、へやの 中には、ようふくだの、新聞だの、ネコの えさだの、ざぶとんだの、空きびんだのが ゴロゴロしてる。

It appears the windows haven’t been wiped even once, making them look like frosted glass, and throughout the room, clothes, newspapers, cat food, cushions and empty bottles lie everywhere.

I decided that ふいた is 拭いた rather than 吹いた.

ゴミばこを あけると、ゴキブリが 十ぴきぐらい ゾロゾロ 出て くる。

When I open the rubbish bin, about ten cockroaches come out in droves.

台所の ながしには、なべや ちゃわんが 山のように つんで ある。

In the kitchen sink, pots and bowls pile up like a mountain.

れいぞうこの 中も ぐちゃぐちゃで、正月の おもちが まだ 入ってる。

The fridge is also in disarray, and the new year mochi is still in there.

Ok, kid, I take back my previous comment. You’re free to whine. In fact, go outside and drag your father back in here and show him what state his mother’s living in. If I were this kid’s age, I would be nopeing right out of there.

One question, though: what’s with the sudden shift to nonpast tense?

I think I need a shower…

P.S. Someone else will need to do the next page, or at least comment. Discourse won’t let me post a third time in a row. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh yes! I thought the thread was dead!

Let`s finish this part! :star:

page 88:

「かたづけないの?」ってきいたら、「 よけいなお世話 だよ。」と、おばあちゃんは言った。

“(Should we) clean it?” i asked then. “None of your business”, grandma said.

aaand to the new part


Why the homework (Why do we even need homework(?))

not so sure how to make it sound correctly in english :expressionless:


Grandma seems terribly old, but still “workable” as hell. “Workable” means ”Still fine enough to work", they say.

I suppose there needs to be some kind of wordplay in translation, but it`s definetely not my level yet :sweat_smile: