🧑‍🍳 Way of The House Husband, Week 4

It’s it still cold and dreary where you live? (And what is your definition of cold? For example I would be thrilled if it got up to 30°F/-1°C) If cold weather has you stuck inside, Yakuza humor is just the thing, am I right?

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I’m having a bit of trouble on page 103 -
There is 漢気 with the furigana おとこぎ.
Does it mean ”chivalrous spirit” - which is usually written as 男気?


Jisho has

As meaning “man among men”

So I interpreted 漢気 as meaning machismo.


Finished reading, only had one hiccup that I couldn’t get over

Page 108

I’m not sure what this means, ケジメ shows up as “distinction (e.g. between right and wrong, public and private, etc.)” on ichi.moe, what would it mean to “take” that?
I’m a bit confused on this one haha

As for the weather, it’s summer here so it’s been pretty hot lately, we had a 40ºC week a couple weeks ago that was pretty harsh :upside_down_face:. Luckily it has rained a bit and it’s now pretty cool, at a comfy 21ºC, I wish it would stay like this foreverrr


We had ケジメを付ける in the previous volume, which apparently means to ‘take responsibility’, see 極主夫道 | Week 3 Discussion - #36 by tahubulat. I assumed that the meaning here is the same :slightly_smiling_face:


There are quite a lot of bits in #16 that I can’t translate - though the overall meaning is clear

p96 ナイスーシ nice [but what are the last two characters?]

p97 声出してこー shout ??
this comes back on the same page 声出してるけど ?


p99 最近チーム集まり悪くってねぇ

Recently, the team has got together (played together) badly ???


I’m also not entirely sure about many of those (I’m not that familiar with expressions used by Japanese athletes and supporters :sweat_smile:), but I can give you some of my interpretations :slightly_smiling_face:

I think the last character is a small ツ, so I think the last two characters express that the ス is extended and ends with a glottal stop for extra emphasis. Impossible to express in the western alphabet but something like: “nicccceee*e*”.

The 声 expression puzzled me as well. I’m not entirely sure who is saying what, but maybe the first one is Tatsu asking for some vocal support and the second one is the girls saying “but we are shouting”?

やんのか might be やるのか (something like “you did that?!”).

かかってこんかい might be “take this!” (かかる can mean all kinds of things, but this seems an appropriate meaning and I interpreted こんかい as 今回). I’m not entirely sure about this one, though.

My dictionaries have some example sentences where 集まりが悪い is translated as “a poor turnout”. I think she might be saying that their team has had a poor turnout lately and she’s glad Tatsu is helping them out.


I think this is 声出していこう,
Like, “let’s verbalize as we go.” Judging from Haikyuu!! Volleyball players do a lot of verbalizing to let each other know who is ready to spike, receive, etc. I think the joke is that 龍is verbalizing, but he’s not really being helpful, he’s just shouting out thoughts.


Oh, right, the Earth is spherical. roughly