🎉 Way of the House Husband, Volume 2 week 6

Hello, and welcome to the final week of volume 2! Congratulations, you are about to finish a Volume of native material!

This week, we read the おまけstories at the end of the volume.

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Kansai-ben: kansaiben.com | Kansai-ben index,
Kansai-ben in 極主夫道, Osaka-ben transmogrifier
Yakuza slang/極道用語
Contractions: Reference thread, more exhaustive list


  • I’m reading along
  • I’ll catch up later.
  • I already finished, but I’m here for discussion.
  • I live for polls.

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Also, is there interest in contributing on to Volume 3?

  • I plan to keep reading this series
  • I’m done now.

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If you will accept my needs-improvement book club management skills, I’m happy to continue for another volume.


p152 こっち向かいといてからの。。。
Maybe… (guessing from the picture) what if I doing it turning around??

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I read this as “From facing this way?..” so basically we both came to about the same conclusion :slight_smile:

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Had a lot of fun on this volume as well, I had seen the “anime” and I liked the jokes but now after reading the manga I feel like the color makes it lose some of the art’s fun contrast between the mean yakuzas and the silliness of the situations, makes it seem lighter somehow.
I think I prefer the manga now, so I’m excited to continue reading the series!