🔊 Listen Every Day Challenge - Spring 2024 🌸 🌈


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Date Name Type Amount Time
2024-05-17 :chart_with_downwards_trend: コツ :spiral_notepad: Study :arrow_forward: 200 Items :hourglass_flowing_sand: 0h16m

Today was at least more コツ (still undecided if I’ll read some 放浪息子11, とんがり or play some 13 sentinels in bed, so maybe I’ll have some 13 sentinels to amend this with tomorrow). But wanted to share today anyway since I had my first score above 70%, got 73% today. Yesterday’s was kind of a dip to 64%, so was feeling bad, but it’s funny. I was well rested and prepared yesterday and did poorly, and today I was tired and not sure how well I’d manage and got my best score.