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Start Date: 29th July
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July 29th 11 - 内緒話に向かない日 3 - 40 38
August 5th 12 - おそろいの運命 41 - 56 16
August 12th 13 - 未設定の肖像 57 - 86 30
August 19th 14 - 27㎝未来 87 - 112 26
August 26th 15 - 自転車園内 113 - 140 28
September 2nd 16 - 休息のち人間観測 141 - 176 36

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11 - 内緒話に向かない日

Start Date: July 29th

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Oh, yeah, we are starting this weekend, huh!?

I think I’m just starting to realize just how much I’ve taken on. :joy:

7 manga (+Horimiya upcoming), a LN, two VNs, and two games ongoing in Japanese at the moment (the latter not counting the one gacha game I play that is also entirely in Japanese now since the closure of the EN server).

The positive: Past me would think this is so cool that I’m able to balance doing all of this in Japanese on top of my usual life given the amount of time it took me to get through my first few chapters of something as easy as Takagi-san.

The negative: It remains to be seen if I actually can balance all of that. :joy:

That aside, I’m looking forward to picking this back up! It’s had some drawbacks, but overall, it’s a quirky and interesting set-up!


looks like I’m gonna have to break the budget and buy a digital copy to keep up … what will I ever do… thank goodness manga really isn’t expensive :open_book:


done and with the exchange rate worked out to less than 5 bucks…
now I have something to read tomorrow morning :tada:
[instead of screwing around in POLL world]


Aww yeah, good to be back!

I also bought it twice, but for different reasons. I really got used to reading things inside mokuro with Yomichan to have comfortable in-place dictionary lookups… and it seems that Amazon doesn’t want me to extract the images anymore with manga that came out this year :cry:

So now I own it twice, Amazon and Bookwalker. Gotta support your manga artists!


supporting the artists is good…being old is good too… not have to worry about spending 5 bucks on manga…priceless!

(cuz being in college and making bucks last for a weeks worth or ramen…not so fun)


Glad to be back! The first chapter was fun, and it shows a lot of promise to sticking where we left off with Kon and his unique situation. I’m glad to see them lean into it from the start; I just hope it continues to have this kind of overarching plot.

The speech balloons were a super cute and fun bug. Probably one of my favorites up this point, actually. Gotta love it verging on a 4th wall break!


Man, I really missed this. I’m surprised how much it has grown on me, considering that the first volume was a lukewarm “kinda nice, I expected more though” for me.

Chapter thoughts

I know, right? And it’s also nice to see different parties caring about Kon’s well-being.

Although, considering this chapter was all about Kon, we didn’t have enough actual Kon this chapter >:(

Gotta love Kasane. :laughing:
The moment she’s declared fit to be the guardian of a child, and all judging eyes are away, she immediately goes…

Despite the many long sentences of this chapter, I only have two “Is my translation correct?” questions:

Page 4

Is that “Enough already (with this boring bug). The next bug isn’t starting, huh…”?

Is that “Kasane said ‘The next bug is probably coming during this week, I guess.’”?


That’s how I read both of those sentences as well.


so happy to finish this chapter…started reading yesterday and hit that wall of text in the middle…

was so happy when things started bugging out… (didn’t think I’d ever finish haha)

also vocab populated :slight_smile:
[ not that anyone is using or even needs it…but since I keep finding words I knew at one time and forget often…probably good review for me ]


couldn’t resist…someone had an emergency call tonight so had some available time…peeked ahead earlier and really wanted to know what happened…

next thing I know I finished ch12…I gotta stay one chapter ahead on this one now too :smiley: @MrGeneric
hope there’s a button for already read it hehe

I love this story… just really great at pulling me in (for me anyway… I’m really enjoying this)…I find this mangaka to be very clever with just the right amount of comedy along with the mystery and suspense…, this whole thing feels like it was written to be animated…(would be fun to watch them chase around the mythical creature from the vol2.… and heck I see merchandising… cell phone straps, key chains (doesn’t everyone want a mythical creature stuffed animal …or colorful water flea keychain and oh… stickers!!!)…so many possibilities…now if only I can resist reading further ahead…

…and vocab populated for ch12 :wink:


This chapter was deeeense, but still good. The dense story bits were obviously important and I was glad to see them, but I enjoyed the second half with the speech balloons more.


12 - おそろいの運命

Start Date: August 05th

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aww no read it already… bummer @MrGeneric :rofl:

Chapter 12 Spoilers™

At this point I am starting to wonder if they are not living in the test server of a video game where the developers test random features >.<

Still pretty fun chapter.


Chapter thoughts

I think page 52 might just be my favourite page across all volumes so far. Their faces! And Nene’s timer going up to 2 again! :laughing:

I really enjoyed this chapter. Short, funny, with a tiny bit of mystery, and a heaping of Nene & Kon antics. Those two make quite a nice comedy pair, with Nene always joking around and Kon being all serious.

And seeing Kon flustered is always nice too :wink:

Also yeah, “defining the future” really is a pretty serious bug type - keeping people from sneezing is child’s play, but manufacturing situations where people naturally sneeze at an exact time without fail is actually pretty mindbending considering how silly the bug seems.

Chapter 12

That was a fun chapter! I will say that I almost guessed the bug with no context and I did figure it out before it was fully revealed.

My initial thought, when I saw Kon’s small number, was that it was showing some period of time like days since each person was born. I quickly realized that didn’t work when I saw numbers for other characters so far apart from one another. My next thought was actually pretty close. I was like “maybe it’s the number of times they’ve coughed or sneezed in their entire lives”, again looking for a justification for Kon’s small number. That obviously fell apart when it became clear it was a countdown. I did finally figure it out when Kon and Nene were next to each other and everyone else moved away from them since at that moment I remembered the line about erasing the blackboard. (I’m always so proud when I figure something out a page before it’s revealed. :laughing:)


13 - 未設定の肖像

Start Date: August 12th

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Phew, the first part of this was more challenging than the whole last chapter for me. Halfway through, but I thought I’d ask the questions already…

Page 60

Is he saying that he subconciously (that’s the つい, right?) doesn’t come out to eat on days where Yoshino doesn’t cook food?

Page 61

Wait wait wait, how did they make the jump to him having a girlfriend? Was he just being shy saying 友達, and it was super obvious for some reason, despite both of them thinking that he’s more likely to not have a girlfriend?

Page 62

Does he mean that Kon looks/follows/is interested in a lots of different singers? Or that he watches a lot of videos, which somehow becomes clear from what is visible on the tablet, e.g. a viewing history or so? Or what does the “You’re looking a lot, don’t you?” mean?

I have no idea what Kon is saying here.

Page 65

What’s the でくらい doing there?


And I’m done. Sorry for the deluge of questions!

Page 74

What’s the 別に adding to the “Even if he finds out, I’d just be a little embarrased, but…”?

Page 75

I’m stumbling a bit over the たら there. “This thing called single-lens? (When?) I was thinking it was for taking photos, you could also make videos with it, right?”

Page 81

“Hime-san can often go out in this situation”? I think I don’t understand this sentence at all.

This confuses me a bit too. “With just everyone being transparent, I’m the same as always?”

Is it maybe…

So “With just everyone being transparent I stand out a lot? I’m the same as always (though)?”

Page 83

Is that something like “But then wouldn’t it not-become a profile?” As in a “not-profile” I guess?

Thoughts on the chapter

So this time we’re getting to know Iyoda a bit more - and even a little bit of character development?!

At first I wasn’t too sure what to make of this chapter, but I found it really endearing that Iyoda decided to tell Kon that he worked on that video and that he’s the artist Kon was admiring while he was invisible. It’s interesting, considering that before it seemed like he had no interest in taking credit for it at all, but now it seems like he might actually want to talk about it, but for some reason (maybe he’s just shy, or just doesn’t want all the attention that would come out of it?) not while being recognizable.

And then at the end he decided that it might actually be fine if Kon finds out about him? Woah. I hope that that actually happens at some point in the story, and that this chapter wasn’t just some slice-of-life filler without any actual consequences.

Also, bonus points for Kon for figuring out that the things he was told before were lies. I guess that’s character growth too :laughing:

As a side note: I realized we know next to nothing about Kousei and Maruko. We’ve seen both of them at their workplaces once, but that’s it. And although I like them both, neither of them actually contribute much to the stories (unlike our other two frequent side characters, Teo and Nene) apart from a bit of flavor and being conversation partners, but even after two volumes they still feel a bit replaceable. I wonder if the author plans to give them a bit more space too.