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Week 16

Start Date: November 28th
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Chapters 13-14 (ギルド長の孫娘, フリーダの髪飾り) (31 pages/ 9%)

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This week spoiler

I like Frida. I understand her hobby of counting money. Mayne should have taken the money she was ready to pay for it. I guess I understand not wanting to rip off someone but still… If she is ready to pay that much. I found funny that the whole family starts making hair ornament. I feel sad for the father though. He is left out of the fun. I do understand that Lutz needs to be the one to make the stick part but which makes it uncomfortable thinking about what would happen if I was Mayne at that time.


Was planning to finish in one session last night but my sister forced me to play videogames with her :pensive: life is hard


Frida was a fun character. She might be craftier than her grandfather. Hearing that she had (emphasis on past-tense) 身食い is interesting, but what’s more interesting is that Mayne (off-screen?) asked both Otto and Benno about it and they claimed to not know what it was? I wonder what that’s about.


That seems fun though. Family video is really fun. I don’t have a sister though

This week spoiler

It was not off-screen it was at their first meeting around the end of volume 1. Slightly after (still book 1) Otto and Benno were shown to know about the diseases.


Things related to 身食い will become clearer in this volume, but the gist of it so far is that Myne told Benno and Otto that she was sick, but they didn’t know any illness of that description. Frieda was only able to recognise it both because she has suffered from the same condition and she has had the connections to find out what it was.

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Well, the epilogue of volume 1 still makes clear that Otto had never heard of that condition, if I remember correctly. I think it’s fair to assume it’s not well known, especially if you do not have connections with the nobility.

Yup. Here’s the relevant part:






「……身食い? なんだそれ? 何の病気だ?」



















Benno knows what 身食い is and he knows that Myne is sickly and a vague description of her illness, so he’s able to suspect they might be the same thing, but he doesn’t really know for sure. And besides, he’s a calculating bastard who would withhold such information if he thought it might be to his advantage. Though Frieda doesn’t tell Myne everything either for much the same reason. And Myne doesn’t really think it’s that big of a deal, so she doesn’t press for it.

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Ohh I took it to mean “I asked them again now that I know the name of the disease and they acted like they didn’t know.” I did remember Benno talking about it (by name) in the epilogue, which is why I thought it was noteworthy. Your explanation makes way more sense.

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