時をかける少女: Week 8 Discussion (Chapters 12 and 13)

Yes, I know there’s a possible explanation for everything, but


Response to spoilery thoughts

Yes, my suspicions of sensei have only grown stronger. And I agree, no one else actually saw the beam, he was definitely just saying it to trick Kazuko in to using her power.
I like the theory that sensei made her a guinea pig gave her the powers through the shot. I’ve been distracted by the lavender smell but your theory makes a lot of sense

And now I have an actual sentence I need help with too. Kadokawa page 67:

The main part I’m unclear on is なにものかの手で. Is anyone able to help with my breakdown below please?

和子自身にはそのふしぎな感覚は - for Kazuko, that strange feeling is
完全にすくんでしまって - completely frozen
自由 - freedom
のきかなくなった自分の五体が - became so it wouldn’t comply, her whole body
かの手で - ?? what does this mean?
すっと - all of a sudden
だきあげられたように - so that (her hands) were lifted up ?? (I’m not sure about this part)
感じられたのである - could feel (explanative)

And for a rough translation -

For Kazuko, that strange feeling is, completely couldn’t move, her whole body wasn’t able to comply, nothing …, and all of a sudden she felt her own hands go up.

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なにものか = someone
手 = hand

Kazuko felt like someone’s hand lifted her completely paralyzed body


和子自身には to Kazuoko,
そのふしぎな感覚は、that strange sensation,
完全にすくんでしまって自由のきかなくなった自分の五体が、her whole body, completely frozen and unable to work freely
なにものか(何者か)の手で、by someone’s hand(s)
すっとだきあげられたように感じられたのである。felt like it was being lifted up.

So, to Kazuko, that strange feeling (of floating up into the sky as in the previous sentence) felt like her body - which was frozen and unable to move - was being lifted up in the arms of someone.
If you take out all the detail, it’s just (和子自身には)感覚は 五体が 手で 抱き上げられたように 感じられた


Thank you both. I can get a bit lost when the sentences are long but you really cleared that up for me.

Illustration for chapter 12 from the Tsubasa Bunko edition.

I haven’t read these chapters yet so I’m going to blur both images just in case they give away spoilers!


And for chapter 13 (this apparently spoils the cliffhanger at the end of the chapter, so if you haven’t seen it already you might not want to yet):


Oddly enough, that last picture is actually a spoiler for the next chapter. It spoils the cliffhanger. But that’s how it appears in the book, too.

Kind of the fundamental problem with book illustrations imo. Even though I kinda like them! 複雑な心境

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Oooooh. In that case I’ll delete that one and upload it in next week’s thread instead. Or do you think I should just add a warning to the post?

Oh, I wouldn’t really worry about it, since it appears that way in the book. Didn’t mean to worry you! Just grousing.

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More Spoilery Thoughts

Kazuko’s power is weird.
So in previous time leap, it seemed to be the case that she threw her consciousness back into her previous body. Which isn’t an uncommon way to handle this kind of thing. She woke up a day prior, in her bed, in her PJs - by all indications, it was just her consciousness that went back.
Now, her whole body has gone back, clothes and all… except her notes - that she’s still carrying - have been erased from her notebook, and her original body is gone from the timeline as well.
Whaaaat? This makes no sense, UNLESS we’re about to find out that on this night she just jumped back to, she was sleepwalking in full school garb with her bookbag and everything, and it is just her consciousness that went back again.
Which is possible and would be an interesting twist and I hope is where this is going, because… why was she doing that?


Finished first chapter for the week. Another mostly easy chapter but I have a few questions.

Also page numbers are for the Kadokawa Tsuabasa version.

Page 72:

I originally thought the みない was from てみる, but I’m not sure how that would work here. So now I’m thinking it’s just normal て-form (Side rant: if the author consistently used kanji when he should, there’d be no ambiguity between てみる and て見る :confused:). So if that’s the case, it sounds like the speaker (I’m not sure who is speaking) is speculating that if a similar situation to before happened again, and Kazuko couldn’t see it, then she might remember. Though even if that’s on the right track, as always I can’t actually translate it.

Alright, I figured this next one out, but I’ll leave it here in case it helps anyone else.

Also page 72:

I assume わけにもいかない is just わけにはいかない (https://bunpro.jp/grammar_points/266)
And めにあわせる is https://jisho.org/word/目にあう meaning “to go through; to suffer; to experience (something unpleasant)​”

Page 73:

So they talked while walking next to the new building’s construction site (or something related to it depending on the answer to my question). But I’m not sure how to break down 板がこいのそば.

I assume 板 is the standard “board” meaning or perhaps something slightly more specific to a construction site. Then presumably が is just the subject particle. And presumably そば is 側. But I can’t find anything for こい that would fit here. We have:

  • 濃い
  • 故意

The last one, meaning “intention” or “purpose”, is the only one that could even remotely fit, but even then I’m not sure what the intended meaning of the whole sentence is.

Also, unrelated, but @QuackingShoe how long does it usually take you to read one of the chapters?

This is another example of a grammar point that showed up at some point:

So it means that unless that situation happens again, she can’t really remember. Just adjust your translation a bit and you’ve got it.


it’s if she doesn’t (try) to get in the same state again, she won’t be able to remember. She doesn’t actually finish the thought (because Japanese) but the 思い出すなんて would finish with like a 無理 or something

You’re going to be mad about the answer. It’s 板囲い :wink:

I don’t really time myself, but maybe an hour or two looking stuff up? I’ll try to pay more attention next week. I know when I start reading my more difficult book, it’s suddenly 11 PM and I don’t know how and I’ve only read 20 pages.


Just some thoughts about this week’s chapters, as usual(though I think other people have said the same stuff already):

There’s no way there actually was anything falling. Also, that picture at the end is positioned kind of weirdly. Why not just put it at the start of the next chapter if that’s when the stuff in it happens? The teacher is also still kind of suspicious, just like he was last week.

And for something nobody else has said(hopefully, because it’d be very weird if someone else knew without me telling them), it took me about 30 min to read these two chapters, which makes them the two chapters I’ve read the fastest so far… well, out of the ones where I have some idea how long it took. It’s not like I always time myself when reading :slightly_smiling_face: Yes, I do most definitely not do that. At all.

And after checking, yeah, other people had said that(the thing in the blurred text, not how long it took me to read the chapters!) already. Oh well, it’s not like what I thought about the chapter will change just because other people thought the same thing.

I want more kanji :sob:

Honestly, reading 20 pages straight through is impressive in itself. I’m sure I’ve never read more than 8-10 pages straight through, if that.


Haha, yeah, I feel the same way. Just added a note to at least save those without a physical copy :stuck_out_tongue:

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On a completely unrelated note, but I wanna tell my book buds, I just finished reading my very first book. I’ve finished a lot of manga, and I’ve read part of a number of books, but this is the first one I’ve read cover to cover.
Now I go back to reading Citrus while I wait for Psycho Pass to show up.


Nicely done!
Which book was it? :smiley:


“How to Grow Lavender for Fun and Profit.” ??


There was also one more thing that seemed weird, but I forgot to mention earlier:

This chapter made it seem like Kazuko keeps the stuff she has with her when she time leaps… so it seems like her body basically just goes back in time, but still remains in the same state it was in before time travel. Wouldn’t that be pretty problematic for the plan for getting rid of her ability? If she remains like she was before time leaping, the ability won’t disappear no matter how far back she time leaps… though I guess her notes did vanish, so maybe it would work after all.

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