幸色のワンルーム (Sachiiro no One Room) Chp 2 Discussion Thread

Welcome to the discussion for chapter 2 of 幸色のワンルーム volume 1!



Start Date Chapter Page Numbers Page Count
June 4 Chp 1 pt 1 4 to 18 15
June 11 Chp 1 pt 2 19 to 34 16
June 18 Chp 2 pt 1 36 to 45 10
June 25 Chp 2 pt 2 46 to 56 11
July 2 Chp 3 pt 1 58 to 70 13
July 9 Chp 3 pt 2 71 to 83 13
July 16 Chp 4 pt 1 86 to 101 16
July 23 Chp 4 pt 2 102 to 118 17
July 30 Chp 5 pt 1 120 to 134 15
Aug 6 Chp 5 pt 2 135 to 150 16
Aug 13 Chp 6 pt 1 152 to 162 11
Aug 20 Chp 6 pt 2 163 to 174 12

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Please hide spoilers and any content which may be further along in the chapter than what’s on the reading schedule. Feel free to ask any questions you have or just discuss the book overall! I’m really interested in hearing everyone’s thoughts. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m having trouble with this sentence on page 45

My best attempt at a very liberal translation for now would be something like “It’s not necessary to our relationship that I know her true, unspoken feelings”.
Edit: Except I just realized these are Sachi’s thoughts, so now I’m even more confused.


I haven’t started reading yet, so I’m going by just the quoted line.

The は…が…には has me unsure, as I’m not yet used to seeing its usage. So I can’t quite fit it all together. But I can look at it in parts:


unable to won’t ask about that” (edit: mistakenly had potential form in here)


“something like true feelings”


“for our relationship, it is unnecessary”

All together, maybe it’s something like this? “Regarding not asking about that. It’s because something like true feelings is unnecessary in our relationship.”


I actually completely forgot 聞く could mean “to ask”. :woman_facepalming: That makes a lot more sense than “to hear” in this case.
Thanks for giving it a shot. Your reading makes sense to me but let me know if you change your mind once you’ve seen it in context.

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I have access to the English translation and how @ChristopherFritz translated it is pretty close to what they have. I’ll post a picture of the page below. I’m sure it’s been localized so it might be a bit different than a direct translation.


And this is where context clarifies things, such as who’s who and all that =D

I see now that I mistook 聞かない as having a potential in it (oops). That’s why I went with “unable to” rather than “won’t”. (Yet when I tried putting it altogether in the end, I left that out.)

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Ooh, this directly relates to the panel before, in which she imagines a question he’s not asking, 「それは幸の本心なの?」

The reason he doesn’t ask that is that something like true feelings isn’t necessary for/in our relationship.

And a lot happened while I was reading the chapter. :joy:


I feel like this is something I’m still getting used to when reading manga in Japanese. It seems stuff from previous panels and pages tends to carry over more than in English translations. :sweat_smile:


I didn’t realize there was an official translation. That’s really helpful, thanks for sharing. I like referencing the official translation even if it’s not a literal translation. Knowing what the sentence is supposed to communicate helps me go back and figure out why it means what it means.


There is, but unfortunately it’s only available through crunchyroll manga. :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: I’m also the same way since I find it helpful if I get stuck to work backwards. Them having this book and the current season of Zombieland Saga is really the only reason I have a subscription atm :sweat_smile:

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I hate when they do that. :unamused:
Fortunately, I have a friend who shares his Crunchyroll account with me so I actually already have it. I guess that works out in my favor?

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That is for sure a bonus! But yeah I’m not a fan of when stuff is exclusively crunchyroll either. I remember they had a series once that I wanted to read and then something must have happened to their license, so now there is no longer an official/ legal English version.

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The state of digital manga seems a bit lacking in general, to be honest. Seems like there’s no legitimate way to get DRM free digital manga, so I’ve just committed to buying physical copies whenever possible.

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Yeah :sleepy: it really does seem to be a pretty big problem. I wasn’t actually familiar with DRM until I stumbled across it on the forum here, but I get why people have an issue with it.

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Here are the chapter two discussion questions! Also, feel free to add any questions that you are curious about!


Q1. What are your opinions on 幸 getting her name and do you think it reveals anything about the characters?
Q2. What did you observe about the characters interactions this week and has how you view of the characters changed?
Q3. Any hypothesis on what tragic event happened during the sunset taken in the picture?

I’ll be posting my responses tomorrow and look forward to reading everybody’s! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Here are my answers :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Q1. I thought the reasoning behind the name was a bit cheesy, but in a good way. I do honestly think he wants her to be happy, and this was his way of expressing it. I also thought the general interaction was nice. I think Sachi deciding to change her name will be really good for her mentally. It also shows her commitment to making her current situation work. I do wonder when we will learn his name though.
Q2. My general opinion of the male lead didn’t really change this week. I still see him as a bit awkward/ not used to being around girls, but caring/ nurturing. I appreciated that he gave Sachi an appropriate type of affection (headpats). As for Sachi, I think her inner monologue is really showing her maturity and realism, but her actions and words are more childish. I’m kind of reading it as a coping mechanism and also her way of making her current situation work, since if she vocalized her thoughts it could effect the relationship she’s developing. They’re still walking on glass around each other, but are very slowly making some progress.
Q3. Based on his flashback from chapter one, I think he must have been walking up to a scene of a crime or an accident, so I think the sunset is from that day. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: I just realized my answer was based on something I saw when I flipped through the book to get page numbers for the schedule and not something that’s shown up in the reading yet, so I’m just going to remove it. :sweat_smile: My bad

I’ll have the chapter 3 thread up tomorrow!

Discussion questions

I think it’s cute! I thought it was interesting how flustered mask guy got when it came to naming her, those two have an interesting dynamic. And at least on the surface it really seems like he cares about her happiness in his own somewhat twisted way, let’s not forget that he kidnapped her :sweat_smile:

With mask guy, I’m still hesitant to sympathise too much with him. Though it’s adorable how Sachi seems to keep him on his toes and keeps surprising him. But I’m honestly looking forward to when at some point their views on something clash to the point where he might have to keep her around by force, if he chooses to…I feel like at that point I’ll be able to judge him better.

I also keep being surprised by just how fine Sachi is with the whole situation, though I guess it was already implied that at this point neither of them are being too honest to eachother, so I’m curious to see what both of them will reveal later on.

Same here, for now her priority is most likely just being away from her parents, so there’s probably some value in saying whatever makes mask guy happy so she can stay with him. I don’t think she can keep it up in the long run though, so that’s going to bring up some interesting problems…

I’m hoping it’s related to the mask, that reveal would kill two mysteries with one stone :smiley: