君の膵臓をたべたい (I Want to Eat Your Pancreas) Book Discussion

No specific date! I plan on starting after I finish the book I’m currently reading which should be by this weekend hopefully.
Winnie the Pooh is deceptively easy and it’s kicking my tush. There are a ton of sentences like “Pooh said…” or “Piglet walked around.” and then there are certain passages that I have no idea what is happening. It’s crazy that it’s also using N2 grammar that I just started studying in depth. Plus all the nonsensical wordplay that is hard to wrap my head around in English let alone Japanese. Even my coworker looked through it and said 「まま難しいね。。。」

つまり、Winnie the Pooh is the true JLPT.

Yeah that’s what I’m hoping for! My original goal was to read 10 Japanese books this year but I’m feeling cocky and switching it to reading 10 before I take the N2 this July. Not sure books like 時をかける少女 will really be the same level. But I figure as long it gets me reading, Quantity>Quality and all that.

You might want to wait till the end of the year. Just like WK they don’t officially say it but I’m thinking the odds are good they’ll have another Lifetime Discount sale around the same time.


Eh, but the year just started, and it’s not as expensive as WaniKani to begin with.

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That’s true, but they still haven’t raised the rates for Yearly\Monthly even though N2 is almost complete. If you get the year for 30$ and then get the discount at the end of the year it ends up being close to the normal 150$ for lifetime anyways. I can’t see the prices anymore but I’m pretty sure my math is right.

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Aw man looks like I just missed it
However, I’m not sure if saving 30USD is worth waiting 10-11 months. I’m not super bothered by dropping 150USD considering it’s knowledge I need.

(Also I’m rather impatient)


I don’t think buying lifetime bunpro is wisely. It’s different from wanikani, when bunpro lessons are finished, they can’t be reusable, but wanikani is. So if you deposited to wanikani, just buy annual pack from bunpro, and use the money to other material. In case you are a billionare, I don’t have any idea. I will finish N2 bunpro in 1 year, it only take 30$(what a bargain!), in case they publish N1, it take around 30$ more, that will save 90$ for total! ( I think so )

But really, it’s the exact opposite. You can add your own sentences on Bunpro but you can’t add your own words/vocabulary on Wanikani.

And you can also reset your reviews, if that’s what you mean by reusable.

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the add your own word is only for advanced learners, and totally useless for newbie and intermediate! I don’t see any reason for pay more for bunpro ! 30$/ year is a good price for almost, it only take 1 year to get N2 ( in my case) and 1 year more to N1. So 60$ total, after that, I will switch to native content, and don’t care any more about bunpro!

Alright, I think I’ll take the opportunity to finish up the chapter I’m on in Overlord then. Should be about two weeks at my current pace.

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Finished Chapter 1!
I never even read the description of this book so I came in knowing absolutely nothing except that it’s a romance.

Book Thoughts:
Wow what a beginning. This book throws no punches. Especially this exchange:



Also, I just learned that winking at tragic things is apparently just a thing that happens in American movies. Haha.

Already feel like I’m going to like this book. I already like the two characters banter with each other but I hope that Sakura doesn’t end up like a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. This book is also giving me Fault In Our Stars vibes I never even read that book/seen the movie.

Un-related Book Thoughts:
I’m just curious how you all approach reading Japanese books. My approach is just to push through and not worry so much if I don’t understand. Though this leads me to sometimes even going to few sentences without really grasping them. I guess it’s because I hate pausing to look up something and then find out that if I had just read the next sentence then I would have understood.

Are your reading habits’ more like push-through and hope for the best, or stop-and-check and be thorough?

Also should we have a currently reading poll to see which chapter everyone is on?


Ohhh niceee! My book has yet to arrive :joy: I’ll try to 追い付く you! :grin:

I keep it simple: did you understand it enough to know the general thing of what’s happening? Move on. You didn’t? Reread it.

Even if you end up finding yourself lost in the story, you can always go back and reread :grin:


My strategy is pretty much the same. I lose motivation way too quickly if I try to look up every single word I don’t know. So if I get the gist, then I move on. My one other rule is that if a word that I don’t know shows up three or more times, I look it up. That way, even if I get the gist, I’m still keeping a consistent flow of new vocabulary coming in. I’m still trying things out to see what works best, but that’s what’s been working for me so far.

And about the poll, I think it’s a good idea. That way we can see where people are at in the book, so we can better avoid spoilers when discussing it with each other.


I added the Currently Reading Poll!

Finished Chapter 2!
I find this a lot easier to read than Winnie the Pooh, funnily enough. Though there is a ton of vocab that I’m learning as well as the kanji for common words like 御馳走。 (I was happy to recognize 凄い and 流石 right off the bat though.)

Book Thoughts:


Sakura has got the best lines.

Un-Related Book Thoughts:
Okay I’m glad other people have the same method. Sometimes I feel guilty because I feel like I should be “studying” from the book. I need to remind myself that this is also just for fun too.


Yeah, as far as I am concerned, reading is the reward, not the learning part. Floflo changed that a little bit, but still mostly for fun.


I’ve finished publishing the deck onto the Community Centre of Kitsun, sorry for taking a bit longer than expected (You’re going blazingly fast by the way!).

You can find the deck here! (requires you to be logged in)

To anyone planning on using the deck, please report misparses using the built in “propose changes” feature. You can access it from the individual card page or (Coming with tomorrow’s update) during lessons/reviews through the actions menu.

If you propose a change, the author (me in this case) will be able to quickly accept or decline the proposal and instantly update the deck :slight_smile:

With a community effort we can create a perfect deck without any misparses ^^

That said, I’m looking forward to reading this soon-ish, but I think you will probably be done with it already by then :sweat_smile:


I’m so sorry!! I decided to check this thread to see what the book is about but apparently I voted in a poll here some time ago with “i read the book and didn’t like it”. Well I did not read it so I guess I voted accidentally lol. I tried to delete it but I couldn’t unless I vote something else, so there is no other way but to buy it and read it. Yes.


Added a link! Thanks for the deck! : )
Yeah I’m already 50% done, I didn’t think I’d go this fast but reading during my lunch breaks really adds up.

Perfect excuse. :wink:


I’m more of a push through person as well. I literally just read a chapter in japanese and after realised I had no idea what I’d just read so I went back and reread. Simple. I think for me, I just really want to get into the habit of reading in Japanese and then I can more closely pay attention to what’s happening. Also my brain doesn’t know what close analysis means. It’s like: ‘I don’t know what this means or what effect this has on this sentence… cool, moving on.’ So for me, it’s very mentally draining to just remind myself to look stuff up :joy:

And I totally get feeling guilty. When I look at chapter threads of the book clubs, I’m like, how is everyone picking these things up? And then I see people spending hours upon hours reading and analysing a chapter and I just… don’t.
What I’ve started doing is (or at least planned a system that’ll hopefully work for me) is to write down any piece of grammar that is new to me that comes up in discussion, look it up and file it. And if I come across something that seems completely outlandish myself, I’ll do the same. So hopefully that’ll alleviate some of the not-directly-studying-stress. (#TotalLurker)

That being said, I’m so looking forward to the time when I can read my first japanese book and actually enjoy it like I can books in English and German.
When I had that moment with English, I felt super accomplished and it was such a great feeling, like I’d completely mastered the language (I was wrong, still had a few years to go, but my point still stands :wink:)

(Disclaimer #1: I know how super odd this sounds, but I own my nerdish book self. Wear it with pride or not at all I say :joy::joy:)

(Disclaimer #2: My order of books is meant to arrive tomorrow morning and I’m ridiculously excited. Especially about the Kanzen Master I ordered. My manager thinks that’s weird. :thinking:)

(Disclaimer #3: Excuse my excessive rambling. Books are the gateway to Kyayna’s word vomit)


I agree with everything 100%

I also have now almost finished the first chapter of this book lol

The problem is that I really like it, so I cannot completely live up to my mistaken response on the last poll. I will have to change it at some point.


So I finished the first chapter now, and I’m definitely not having an easy time understanding. I can understand the sentences seperately, but I’n really confused about basic things, like where they are and who is talking.

I do like it a lot. It’s the first book in Japanese that really keeps me hooked, so I think the level might be just challenging enough?

I also didn’t know what to expect, like @lopicake, so the first page was really surprising


Well, I was unable to resist a book with this ridiculous of a name…:joy::turtle: