古見さんは、コミュ症です。 😱 (Beginner Book Club) ・ Week 4

Week 4 11 March 2023
Chapter 8 to 10
End page 75
Page count 20
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I know I probably could’ve just skipped mostly over the bubble on pg 58…

Guessing 山井さん’s name is a play on 病む + 恋, so from the same kanji as ヤンデレ

pg 58

The specifics of anything she was saying here really don’t matter, but I really wanted to know what kind of ahem colorful language she was using :laughing:

thankful this is obviously 隣 from context because I would never be able to decipher this. I’m still looking at it and doubting myself a bit even though I know it must be

panel below that also tripped me up for a bit until I realized 話しかける was its own whole verb

なじみ has such a wonderful chaotic energy, especially loved the very last panel on pg 75


I like Najimi and I especially like that her (his?) name is actually an easy pun for once, so that beginners like me can also get them :laughing: Well with 幼馴染 and 長名なじみ directly after each other in a sentence it’s hard not to notice but まあいいか

Yeah, she went all out with that, if I wouldn’t know anything else of this manga and just read that I would think 古見様 is some kind of cult leader haha. The left speech bubble is easier to read though… カスカスカスカス (“scum”)!Yamai seems to be a very nice person :slightly_smiling_face: But for real poor Tadano, he just wanted to help :,(

p. 74


I had to read this mutliple times to be sure I didn’t misread it and to make sure I actually know what I think it means. Tadano and Nijimi seem be very close friends based on their humor, or Najimi is just a very open person, or both?


I think (やまい) is even an actual word so it would make sense! Where did you get 恋 from though? I didn’t see her last name if it was from that?


oh, her first name is 恋 (れん) from spread before the 1st chapter (edit: nevermind apparently not, we don’t know her first name yet officially, but that is what it is :laughing:)

But she is, however, definitely ヤンデいる


恋病こいやまい in itself is a word for “lovesickness”. As far as I remember, most names in the manga (or well, in my case, the anime) don’t need to be modified at all to get the actual meaning, though her’s does some gymnastics with changing the reading of her first name and the kanji for the second


This got me stuck for a bit, and even know I’m not sure if I’m correct on this (p59):

That bit between なに and 上 is her ear, right? It has pretty much the same colour as the part separating the background from the text, which made me think it was a piece of very oddly shaped text. But I do think it’s just a very unfortunately placed ear.


Looks right to me - just a comma in the space.


so what’s “いえずす!” a reference to? “鉄腕歩き” is clearly “鉄腕DASH”, but can’t get the former.


The pun in Najimi’s name is one of the less subtle ones, and is specifically brought up in dialogue, but it’s 幼なじみ

We gonna talk about the girl chatting with Yamai on pages 56-57 who’s apparently wearing vambraces, gauntlets and greaves?

Jesus? Dunno.

English version by Viz doesn’t even bother translating - Najimi says “Did you like it?” However, the other guy still replies “Najimi! Don’t say the title out loud!”


Ah yes, I’ve almost completely forgotten about Najimi’s, let’s just say “edgy” humour. Seems to me like their original design is even more androgenous than how it was adapted into the anime.

I think she will come up some day, but like way later on.
As last week’s part said, the students are generally weird. More danganronpa than regular students.


Oh yeah, gauntlet girl will be back at some point. One of the coolest things about re-reading this series is realizing that most of the characters who get “introduced” way later in the series have really just always been there in the background, but we haven’t gotten the privilege of hanging out with them yet.

I wasn’t sure about いえずす!either


And the anime just calls it “Jaysus”.

If it’s a reference to anything, it’s going by me. Could just be a throwaway title. I similarly don’t know if the TV program title mentioned on the same page is supposed to be a reference.

That’s the issue with pop-culture references that aren’t overt. :stuck_out_tongue:


It is, that’s why I think the second one is. But I have no clue, what.


Yeah, ok, I googled a bit for more information.

So, I just read volume 21 in English last week. In the first chapter of the volume, a character shows up fairly prominently, and I was going “huh? who’s this? I have no memory of her”. Turns out, that’s gauntlet girl. Also turns out to be the first time her face and given name appear in the manga proper. In volume 21! No wonder I had no memory of who she was.

(Her full name had appeared previously in character polls, and her family name appears in an omake in volume three, but yeah.)


I just saw that there are five years between the creation of the manga and the anime. That surprises me because the manga reads a lot like a storyboard for the anime to me, including the 前回のあらすじ at the start of this week’s reading that is literally the start of the second episode of the anime, right? Very much written with an anime adaption in mind, me thinks :smile:


A lot of manga gets adapted basically word for word. Especially this sort of high school manga, because you wouldn’t really fill in sections with more dialog. As an example, both Kaguya and Horimiya are like this most of the time, with some additional unadapted manga moments.


Nice chapters, the main characters are appearing!

Small spoiler from future chapters

Chadano first sighting!


I have a short questoin about page 63

Page 63

So I think this means: Ahh, [it was] a strong walk, right? The stroll of the leader was weak as expected, right?
What are they talking about? Sports? Is my translation correct?


They are talking about a TV show, “鉄腕歩き”. It’s a reference to “鉄腕DASH”. I don’t know the show, but I’d assume a DASH is something like a challenge? You would need to research that, but I doubt, that it’s important.