古見さんは、コミュ症です。 😱 (Beginner Book Club) ・ Week 1

Week 1 18 February 2023
Chapter 1 and 2
End page 17
Page count 12
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looks like i couldn’t have had better timing to check for the thread :slight_smile: really looking forward to reading, good luck to everyone!


Ooo. Forgot this started today too.

Quick warning for people new to reading books in Japanese: the font in this series (and many others) doesn’t use small kana in the furigana. It’s unfortunately something you’re gonna have to get the hang of recognising.

So, you don’t have to try too hard to read everything that’s on pages 4-5 - probably not a spoiler, but every one of these characters will be getting an actual introduction later on… some of them multiple volumes later on. As you can probably glean from it, though, every single character’s name is a pun on their primary character trait. Our task during this book club will be to work out what those are. :slightly_smiling_face:

For example:

(I have a slight suspicion that the kanji themselves also indicate secondary character traits - for example 仁人 is in Jisho with the reading じんじん and the meaning “man of virtue” - though I’m not completely certain.)

Trying to figure out if the name of the school is also a pun - いたん written with the kanji 異端 means “heresy”. Or イ短調 is a key of A-minor. 傷んだトマト are rotten tomatoes. I’m reading too much into it, aren’t I?


Nice that we are finally getting started! Looking forward to reading with everyone. I’ve just finished chapter 1, the chapters themselves are not that long but I was pleasantly surprised with the difficulty level, I can follow along well with the exception of maybe page 8, but I think that’s maybe the quality of my kindle images? It makes recognizing the kanji hard… but there are still quite a few new words I’ve learned! I started yesterday before the thread was up, so I took some separate notes for the vocab, but I’ll try to add new words to the vocab list later today :slight_smile:


I’m caught up to the current chapters in english, so restarting in japanese is almost nostalgic (especially seeing the original character designs, they are so round). I tried to read a little bit closer than I normally would (got the gist of the background text on pg 8 but largely skipped the specifics, iirc some of these also get more detail later, and also I can’t zoom very well on the sunday webry site).

I really enjoy how flavorful the narrator’s language is :laughing:

I think there’s probably some of wordplay there yeah, since it feels like almost everything in the series does have some sort of joke/pun…

spoilers for later in vol 1 or 2: If I remember right at some point there’s a narrator reveal that this high school is actually a high school entirely for weirdos based on interview and not test scores, and I wonder if the pun will make more sense with the way that is phrased when it comes up

Seconding the comment about page 4-5, you will meet all of these characters and get to understand their punny names later.


I actually didn’t see this in the main thread anywhere, but you can read komi chapters (up to almost the current ones, it’s a week or two behind the print version of the magazine) on weekly shounen sunday’s official website. Not all series are free, but it looks like all of komi currently is: 1. コミュ1 普通の人です。 / 古見さんは、コミュ症です。 - オダトモヒト | サンデーうぇぶり


Glad this club has finally started! I enjoyed the first two chapters, but I definitely felt the first one a bit challenging.

I’ve been reading slice of life manga for a while now, and it’s become my easy zone, but I found I had to look up quite a lot in the first chapter and think a while to figure stuff out. So don’t be surprised if chapter one takes a while to read. :see_no_evil:


Me too, this is my first beginner book club but with a bit of effort I can understand the content quite well which I’m super stoked about! :smiling_face:

Because I read that multiple times, for anyone who’s interested here is the dialogue on page 8 (and my attempt at a translation behind spoiler protection. They are definitely not perfect, there might be some things wrong!), hope it helps:

p. 8 content (+ translation)


I know.


I can survive if I read the room and don’t stand out.


That is the shortcut to happiness.


I especially don’t want what happened during middle school, where I tried to show personality and it ended in a painful experience. flashbacks :sob:


[not so sure about this one] Absolutely not!


Oh, greetings are important!


Oh, because you’re also using these shoe lockers, you’re going to the same class as me. Good morning…


That’s awesome! I added it to the main thread :grin:


I wasn’t planning to join this time, but I can’t resist puns, so you got me to read along too :smile:

Yes, surprisingly short chapters, so it was a nice quick read!

My favourite words this week: ビバ and マドンナ


Bwahaha. You fell for my cunning plan.


I am also caught up in english but I think this is a nice opportunity to learn what the pun names mean (I just now realized ただの人). It is different reading it in japanese for sure


i’m with @javerend, the author’s writing is fun. will definitely be making some vocab flashcards, though.

out of curiosity, is there any interest in read aloud sessions? i’ve been on the wk discord server for a while and i’ve always wondered about it.


there’s a what now


It’s something that I wouldn’t personally have the time (and I’m too socially anxious :joy:) for, but setting up a poll to gauge interest is never a bad idea. :person_shrugging:

For book clubs specifically, and for read-aloud sessions. We still want to keep most discussion on the forums so that it’s easier for everyone to utilize the clubs in future. It’s not anything official or tied to the website, just to be clear! But it is used for read-aloud sessions. The Discord server is here.


I see! I probably don’t have a consistent enough schedule to make any read aloud sessions (for this, or anything else in the near future), but I’ll join just in case that changes someday :grin:


hahaha, the idea also makes me nervous, but i did think it sounded fun. i guess we’ll see how popular the club gets :slight_smile:


I’d be so down for that! Do you want to make a poll for it? I’ve never participated in a read aloud session before but it sounds like a lot of fun.

Jumping right into chapter two immediately after reading some Detective Conan gave me some crossover vibes.



I’d be hesitant only because everywhere that kid goes, a dead body shows up. I think the greatest twist is that he is in fact the murderer and manage to frame every single person he put in jail.


poll has been posted in the main thread :star: