人間失格 (Advanced Book Club)

Hmmm, I just noticed that 人間失格 is one of the books included in japanese.io’s classics section. The schedule also doesn’t seem that horrendous to me… coincides nicely with the summer holiday. Maybe it’s meant to be? I might give it the ol’ go :slight_smile:




Oh lol, I thought it was going to start this weekend, but is actually next week… :caught_durtling:


Yes :slight_smile: You’ve got a whole week for yourself now, to chill or to catch up on our new spin-off book… :joy_cat:


:eyes: I finally bought the book, so will do that :durtle_noice:


We are celebrating the Advanced Book Club’s 1st Anniversary by reading 人間失格 :blush:

Here is week 1:


Oooh, No Longer Human, one of my favourite japanese novels so far, fantastic! I’ve read it in English before, it was always my goal to read the original eventually. I wished they had translated the title more literally, “Disqualified from being Human” (or “as a human being”), which is such a fitting title, but i guess it’s a bit unwieldy in English. I didn’t know that this novel is referenced so much in Japanese media though!

I think i first heard about this in the anime series 青い文学 as well, a compilation of short anime adaptations of classic literature, which i also recommend, it’s a great introduction. Like much of the modern classics it’s not the happiest, but as the motto of the series says,

(where 青い apparently also/primarily means “evergreen”? But blue also fits)

Interestingly, the series also adapts a short story by Osamu Dazai, 走れメロス (Run Melos!), inspired by greek mythology, which is very uplifting. But the entire series starts with No Longer Human, which is apparently the most widely read novel in Japan.

I’m not sure if i’m ready for this, as my grammar is just around N4-N3 (according to Bunpro), but i think i want and have to at least try the beginning to celebrate one of my favourites :slight_smile:
(the other favourite (author) being Soseki, naturally, whose Sanshiro trilogy has a lot of thematic similarities to No Longer Human. こころ as well, come to think of it.)


I’m not sure if I’m ready either, but I am keen to get into it, so I figured I’ll read what I can in Japanese and if I get stuck, I’ll use a translation. My primary goal is to read this book; in Japanese if at all possible, but in English if necessary :+1:t3:


Here’s an archive.org public domain e-reader version if you want to put it up in the first post. It’s just the aozora bunko text converted into a bunch of different formats.

Also seems to be uploaded by Blizzard Vice-President Jeff Kaplan so has to be legit.


On to week 2!

For those of you who already finished chapter 1 last week, you have a break this week :desert_island: :beach_umbrella: :icecream:

By the way, if anybody is reading the paper book and could provide me with the page numbers for our breaks, that would be appreciated!


I think there are multiple editions, but I have the same one as the amazon link.
The book starts on page 5
week 1 ends on page 16
week 2 ends on page 25
week 3 ends on page 43
week 4 ends on page 61
week 5 ends on page 77
week 6 ends on page 99
week 7 ends on page 116
week 8 ends on page 137
week 9 ends on page 155


Thank you! I’ve updated the OP (and I sincerely hope I did not mess up the page count calculation too much :sweat_smile:)


Yeah!!! Break week. I wasn’t up for hard reading so I guess it’s good. I will be able to finish 狼の子どこ雨と雪 this week. Nothing much to add this week since I have no idea what happened in this week part but I will read the schedule correctly next week.


On to week 3! :muscle:

I’m very sorry that I made a stupid mistake when updating the OP which unfortunately eradicated the poll data for the book type. :sob:


Should we make both of them selectable since I’m reading both the paperback and the e-book :grimacing:. Now that the data is gone anyway…

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Ok fair enough :wink:

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There has been some discussion in the Week 3 thread which I think would make sense to move to the home thread because not everybody might be reading the week 3 thread yet, and because it might affect the whole book club moving forward.

I’m somewhat relieved to hear that my initial instinct was not that bad after all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(I had the same learning when we read 雪国 …)

We haven’t heard back from most of the others, but I’d always be in favor of lowering the pace somewhat :sweat_smile:

The question would be how we could do that in a reasonable way. I’d very much like to end a week’s reading on the end of a chapter or sub-chapter as we only have so few of them. Looking at that, what are our options?

Chapter Week(s) Pages Future plan?
2 (rest) 4 + 5 18 + 16 = 34 stick with this?? Or 8 + 13 + 13?
3.1 6 + 7 22 + 17 = 39 3 weeks of 13 pages each?
3.2 + 後書き 8 + 9 21 + 18 = 39 3 weeks of 13 pages each?

(shortening the new week 4 is meant to be a compensation for week 3’s long reading).

This feels quite long indeed as it would introduce 3 more weeks, so there might be a better solution?

Another alternative would of course be to go across chapter boundaries in one week, which would allow for a somewhat better overall balance.

I would like to check back with everybody: how are you currently faring with this book and what do you think of changing the schedule?

How are you faring currently?
  • I have finished week 3
  • I have started but not yet finished week 3, and I am planning to finish it
  • I have not yet started week 3 and I am planning to read it
  • I have decided to drop the book

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How would you like to proceed from here?
  • Stick with the original 9-week schedule
  • Add 1 week (uniform length, crossing chapter boundaries)
  • Add 1 week (by adding 1 week in chapter 3.1)
  • Add 2 weeks (uniform length, crossing chapter boundaries)
  • Add 2 weeks (by adding 1 week each in chapter 3.1 and 3.2)
  • Add 3 weeks (by adding 1 week per (sub-)chapter)
  • Something else entirely (please explain)

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(the “by adding 1 week” options would be like laid out in the table above, for the chapters concerned)

I will post this week’s thread anyway, but depending on the poll outcome I will adapt the end of this week’s reading later.


The original schedule is fine by me, but of course the majority votes for a slower pace, I don’t mind. It’s better than to lose participants.


And when some people read the whole chapter 1 first week, I was thinking “maybe even the slow start was unnecessary” :sweat_smile:

When I was preparing the original schedule, the 12-week version was the next best thing because of the chapter lengths. :woman_shrugging:t2: Adding just one week would give people breathing room, but it won’t change the overall load too much.

But, since I’m not a participant, I’m just waiting for the final decision and I’m still offering help with the exact break points so a week won’t end in the middle of the scene etc.


It’s harder than I initially thought, but this being the advanced book club, I think it’s still a reasonable load. And indeed, some people actually started with the faster pace.

On the other hand, I notice we have some less advanced readers joining, which is great, so maybe we want to slow down a little to accommodate everyone?

I also brought up the discussion just because we said we could readjust the pace if needed so I wanted to make sure people could voice any concerns.