一週間フレンズ | Week 3 Discussion

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Those who’ve finished the first chapter - how are you finding the manga so far? Both difficulty- and story-wise…?


Difficulty is about right - only missing one or two bubbles completely (and the question seems to be quickly answered in the thread) and otherwise don’t have to slow down too much. Manga just seem easier than novels in general (maybe cuz pictures help to break up text and provide context clues?).

I watched the anime and am still finding the story just as charming the second time, so I’d say the story is good. I love these two precious cinnamon rolls - they’re just so darn wholesome. I just want to wrap them up and protect them from the big bad world.


It’s, like, the dumbest premise, but really cute anyway. Which was my expectation.


I am enjoying it a lot so far. It is really cute and relaxing story-wise. I watched the anime years ago so I knew already what I was getting myself into, though.

Difficulty wise I think it is quite a good pick for the club; the hardest parts for me so far have been the conversations with Shougo, who seems to use very informal language even compared to what I’ve read in other manga.

As a side note, my only complaint is that the digital version that I’m reading (from booklive) has terrible image quality and the furigana is really hard to read =._.=


This manga is very cute (I like the art style and the characters) and a lot easier to read than Zenitendo (which is good because one book at a time is enough for me, and I’m enjoying Konbini).

All in all a good pick for Beginner Book Club - kudos to whomever suggested it.

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Really? Isn’t Shougo the one saying deep things to Hase? I’ve also actually found more of the things he says rereading again because it has more vocab than Hase’s or Fujimiya’s.

This is probably my second manga I’ll read in full Japanese, and it was easier than I’d imagine (not easy easy of course. It still takes me lot of rereading to actually understand the sentence). I was totally expecting to go to a dictionary every single panel. Since it was set in a high school setting without so much preamble so the introductory part is not so vocab-heavy :grin: Story-wise, I’ve watched the anime before but I still found them cute in the manga despite that.

Not sure I understand your point … When I say he talks informally, I mean in the sense of grammar constructions, specially abbreviations and slangs he uses. The depth of what he’s saying isn’t really correlated to how formal or informal his way of speaking is, nor is the variety of his vocabulary.

Take for example, this from page 7:


I had never seen “ちょい” used as an abbreviation of ちょっと before.
Even when he’s saying something more substantial, there’s also slang in it, like in page 8 the わかんねーよ at the end (though in this case I was familiar with that before hand):

I’ve seen ちょい used in this context here and there (in other reading), and didn’t even realize it was abbreviated from ちょっと. Of all the things…


Or even ちょいと!

Oh, I thought it was the substance, forgive me :sweat_smile:

I guess if you watched anime enough to last you a lifetime, ちょい just comes natural though, or its just I heard it enough not to doubt anything.

But slangs are quite normal for school or slice-of-life setting especially with comedy, so its a good exposure :grin:

I’m enjoying the story a lot. I’ve been marking “reading along” but I actually accidentally read way ahead the first week because I was enjoying it. I can mostly read it easily and just have to look up a few things occasionally. I think the club will catch up with where I stopped next week, then I’ll be reading along properly.


I accidentally did the same thing. It’s hard to gauge where you are because there are no page numbers. I almost read ahead even more this week before I realized I was already in chapter 1. :sweat_smile:

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That’s why I made this for myself. I considered sharing it, but that meant making it into a screenshot (and I was too lazy before):

Detail'd for image size.


I usually go by the page numbers that my reader shows me. There is only a small offset to the actual page numbers (for this manga I think it’s +1 in Chapter 0, don’t know yet about the other chapters). So at least I get a rough indication of where I am and where I want to go.


Wow! That’s pretty impressive! I didn’t even think about doing something like that.

I really should have just paid more attention to the ebook page numbers. I’ll definitely do so in the future. :slight_smile:

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It could be interesting to see if there’s any “consensus” between readers on numbering. I’m bought the digital manga through Rakuten Kobo, and I’m using the Kobo reader. The last page of week three (which the first post above says is page 44) comes in at page 45.

I may have had too much time on my hands. It was actually a fun challenge to get the CSS (it’s a web page) to give the result I wanted. The images actually are set up left to right, top to bottom, and somehow (after much effort trial and error) I managed to style it to show them top to bottom, right to left (but only in Chromium; it breaks in Firefox).

But I think if it turns out page numbers are consistent among digital manga bought from different sources (should be essentially the same file, maybe a different format for Kindle) across different readers, I’d say that’s definitely the way to go.

That would indeed be interesting :slight_smile:
I’m using the Bookwalker reader and it indicates page 44 as 46.
Interestingly enough, the first page of chapter 0 (which is listed in the table of contents as page 5) is indicated as page 6. :thinking: So there seems to be a shift somewhere, which might make identifying the exact pages still tricky.

I noticed that this may differ depending on the manga/book, though; for Girls’ Last Tour it was always +2. I guess that’s because they include one or two pages of the book cover as well, which usually doesn’t get page numbers in the printed book. But if there are pages that are completely blank, they might get skipped again in the ebook (we had that in Zenitendou, but I haven’t seen it in a manga yet).
So it remains complicated :wink:

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I have the same offset in BookLive’s digital version. Page 42 is shown as 44.

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It appears that Bookwalker is counting the cover as page 1. Kobo labels it as page “cover”, then starts page 1 after that. Well, so much for consensus across book readers.

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