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Death Note Vol. 2

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12 - (かみ) 30 Apr 93 - 114 22
13 - (びょう)(よみ) 7 May 115 - 134 20
14 - 誘惑(ゆうわく) 14 May 135 - 156 22
15 - (でん)() 21 May 157 - 178 22
16 - 逆立(さかだち) 28 May 179 - 197 18

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I don’t know which timezone I should start for Apr 2, but it could be as early as New Zealand.

8 - おんな

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Thanks for making a thread for the next volume. I started in early, but now I’m stuck and haven’t read the past weeks. So, this will keep the flame going I feel. :slight_smile:


Chapter 1 thougths:

Ah, the Raye Penbar/fiancé talk, him basically dismissing her concerns while telling her to just be a good house wife bearing his children. Ugh, it’s as awkwardly sexist as it was the first time I came across this passage in the manga and anime. :grimacing: Well, it’s what it is.

In any case, in this chapter Kira has clearly managed to get rid of the FBI surveillance (though we don’t know how) :eyes: Next up: fear a grieving woman set on revenge! dun dun dun

Light playing mind-games with L shows how little conscience he has left at this point! It’s all fun and games to Light.


That was so… oooof!
All she did was share advice, help him process what happened. She wasn’t going out and putting herself in harms way. Then it got worse… yipes! And ewwww.


The first 計通り I have seen.

I’ve always liked Ryuk and Light joking to each other.

  • The 女 is sharp, and what did the real FBI just dismiss? The possibility that Kira killed the criminal, or the fact that FBI rode in the bus that Japanese police would know?
  • Light already killed Raye one week later?
  • The fact that える is just L keeps evading me. Normally, I would think of 得る…
A bigger spoiler
  • Does Light really needs to take the file? For making sure, maybe; but does he really need to use it?
    • Or just to make FBI and police and L disoriented, but not really using it?
  • The 女 seems to be a big part of capturing Light, but she just let her guard down…
  • The grammar of 〜め, like キラめ? I have seen 〜め too many times, but can’t really process it. Also, it is too short to be searched meaningfully. Tendency?

Next chap spoiler (but not so much):-

父 manga style

(Light) is trying to do 大役. Getting bloody and getting rid of everyone in the way the a part of the equation.

Yes, he is just being megalomaniac.


This is basically an insult. Like, “Kira, you bastard!” is how I’d translate it.

Looks on Jisho, yeah, it’s from ~ め ~ damn; bastard​


Nonetheless, there is definitely 奴め.

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Yeah, but that’s not in an insulting manner. If you just look for and scroll down you’ll find “damn, bastard”

L is cursing about about Kira playing him mind games by killing criminals to write messages aimed at him. So, he’s very frustrated and angry as he says that line.
L doesn’t come across as someone that loose their temper or use curses, but here he is, because of how frustrated/angry he is.


I found it in Goo now. Basically a tag for insulting (regardless of the Kanji), although it can also be a means of self modesty.


1 人や動物などをののしったり、卑しめたりするときに用いる。「ばか―」「こいつ―」

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big spoiler

You’ve lost me. What file does Light take??

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Exactly like that. “You + bastard” basically.

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FBI thought Kira intercepted and read the file.

I don’t think he really takes it though, otherwise everyone will know that Kira contacted Raye Penber. It appears to be electronic.

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Well, I can’t answer that without spoilering the plot. :woman_shrugging: But, you’ll know the details soon enough…

I can comment on what’s mentioned in this chapter thought. And I think you might have missed some details about what the FBI director tells L. :eyes: He doesn’t say that Reye Penbar had the file of all FBI agents and so Kira made contact with him, but that suddenly multiple FBI agents made requests for a file of the others in Japan. And so at some point the FBI director sent ALL agents the same file. He’s saying that they cannot know who Kira made contact with.


I think I got it now. The director sent to 4 of them, but somehow, Kira manipulates the moment before death of someone, so that he can get everyone.

And yeah, there is next chapter. I’ve got to wait for next week.


More like 4 agents made requests, then the director sent the file to ALL agents, not just those 4. Thus Light covers his tracks as to who’s file he got to see


I have a particular problem translating these sentences, then

  • Page 19
    • Amongst the investigators who went to Japan, who knows everyone’s face? That’s not it. Who holds a file like that?
    • Until yesterday, that was only me.
    • Today, there is someone who said, “I want to confirm my colleagues in Japan in advance”, so I sent him the file.
    • Kira must have contacted that investigator.
    • So who did you send that file?
  • Page 20
    • That was everyone.
    • Suddenly, someone also said the same; so I decided to send all of them the file.
    • Firstly, 4 of them asked of a file by themselves; then (all 4 of them?) told to send the file to remaining others.

Damn, asking of whether Kira is smart (or a possible loophole), is basically a spoiler as well…


Not too long until next chapter discussion thread is up. :wink: Looking forward to that one a lot!

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I was searching for えるしているか meme, and came across the whole thing.

I am not sure why Watari send more dying note right now? Just found more?

After the previous lines from Ch 6, it becomes

Page 2

死ぬのは こわくない

  • 早く召されたい。神の元へ死ぬのは、怖くない。
    • Do it to me quickly. I am not fear of dying due to the cause by Death God.

Then, just before the 女 cries

Page 3


  • いつも嘆いているベッドは硬いし、監獄は死臭がする。ごめんだ。もう我慢できない。死んだほうが利口だ。
    • The bed I always mourn on is hard, as well as the prison stinks of corpse. I am sorry. I can’t bear it anymore. It is smarter to die.

Yeah, a part of it is behind キラめ. I don’t know how that Yahoo guy picked it up (anime, maybe?)

Forgive me if I get the Kanji wrong…


I think the Raye talk with his wife is a bit weird knowing that he is american, cause while it may be normal for japanese women to drop their careers when getting married (is it normal?), it’s not really a thing for americans. Him being the one that pushes that custom is a bit weird.

I also don’t remember if they ever say how they met, but I would guess it was at the force and them discussing cases together would be the most normal thing honestly (and she also says it’s a habit of hers).

This feels mostly as an excuse to have an FBI(エフビーアイ) agent that goes after Kira and isn’t in the file so they don’t die when Light kills all agents in it. Also revenge