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Week 21 6 July 2024
End page 341
End point (kindle) 4280
End phrase 第四章 end of section 5
Pages 15
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セーラー服と機関銃 vocabulary sheet

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Proper Nouns

Name Hiragana reading Notes Kindle location first mentioned
赤川次郎 あかがわじろう the author cover
尾田医師 おだいし Doctor Oda 24
目高組 めだかぐみ Medaka clan 86
Izumi’s family
星泉 ほしいずみ main character, Izumi 170
酒井好子 さかいよしこ aunt Yoshiko 172
星貴志 ほしたかし main character’s father, Takashi 179
酒井呈一 さかいていいち Uncle (Yoshiko’s husband) 201
知子 ともこ Tomoko (?Izumi’s mother) 211
マユミ - mysterious woman in Izumi’s apartment 348
土田恒美 つちだつねみ Tsunemi, real name of the woman pretending to be Mayumi 1,827
岡崎真由美 おかざきまゆみ The real name of Mayumi, friend of Izumi’s father, photographer. 2,549
奥沢哲夫 おくざわてつお Classmate of Izumi, Tetsuo (son of an executive, smart dresser, family expect him home for dinner on time) 251
渡辺周平 わたなべしゅうへい Classmate of Izumi, Shuhei (stocky, bowlegged, loves Judo) 251
竹内智生 たけうちともお Classmate of Izumi, Tomo. (Smart, heading for Tokyo university, wears glasses) 261
和子 かずこ classmate, 433
三浦久子 みうらひさこ Miss Miura, teacher 357
保科校長 ほしなこうちょう Headteacher Hoshina 368
健次 けんじ Kenji, Medaka gang member, short, unbalanced (brought the doctor in the car in the prologue), chews gum 555
英樹 ひでき Hideki, Medaka gang member, skinny and unhealthy looking, wears thick glasses 556
たけし Takeshi, Medaka gang member, stocky and overweight 558
佐久間 さくま Sakuma, Medaka second in command, unusually tall (‘beanpole’), in 50s 558
浜口 はまぐち Hamaguchi, local Yakuza chief 1,034
関根 せきね Sekine, head of the Matsunoki clan 2,141
げん Gen, Yakuza henchman in the Matsunoki clan 2,306
つよし Tsuyoshi, yakuza henchman in the Matsunoki clan 2,306
萩原 はぎわら Hagiwara, messenger from a ‘big fish’ 3,211
Other characters
黒木 くろき detective, head of the S section 870
浜口物産 はまぐちぶっさん Hamaguchi trading company 936
野田代議士 のだだいぎし Representative Noda, politician, waiting for Hamaguchi 1,064
岩田 いわた Night watchman at Izumi’s apartment block 1665
関根正明 せきねまさあき Son of Sekine, the head of the Matsunoki clan 2,073
円谷重治 つぶらやしげはる Shigeharu, left name on business card at Izumi’s apartment 2,665
マクシム - Maxim’s [I presume this is a reference to the famous Parisian restaurant] 2,480
三大寺一 さんだいじはじめ Hajime, ‘big boss’, kidnapper of Izumi, nicknamed ‘the fat man’, and ‘Doc’ 3326


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Several bits that I couldn’t quite make out (though the overall sense was clear)



Sekine’s underling is talking with him about going to retrieve the package from the Medaka headquarters.
But I couldn’t translate this

Yes, but, I shouldn’t take care of it? [is this, should I not kill who I find there?]
oh, take care of it (??) Stop nitpicking (?), tidy it up and come back. If a Medaka gumi member disappears, the boss isn’t going to do anything (??)

2. The fat man's inclination


The fat man isn’t interested in sex. But I can’t work out what he says next

At any rate, this body [which body?]
trouble in coming true ???
that worry is useless…???

3. Hideki is thinking

Medaka gumi don’t handle drugs.


telephone call…while saying??
not a single further call?
what the hell happened?



「~とはいいながら」is a sort of set “grammar” phrase, setting up contrast (you can find an explanation + example sentences here for example). So it’s saying that even though Hideki is back at the office so that there’s someone there to take phone calls, there hasn’t been a single one yet. Then he wonders what is going on (because he hasn’t heard from anyone yet).

Idk what a slick translation of 電話番 would be. Perhaps “phone duty”? But I feel like I’ve never actually heard anyone say that in English. But it just means someone whose role is to answer phone calls.

P.S. I couldn’t find this thread linked from the main thread and only saw it under new topics, so it would be a good idea to link it to make it more discoverable (I think you may have forgotten to link it in this week’s post!)

Week 21

Good riddance to Kuroki!

Also, another Medakagumi member seems to bite the dust. I’m a little disappointed by what a tiny role these guys have played in the plot up to this point. At least, while alive. The trio have done way better.

No wait, I take that back. Shuuhei and Tomoo have been doing work. Tetsuo only has one more chapter to justify his existence in the story :upside_down_face: I’m shocked I even remember his name.


My reading was just a little different. I read 構わない as “to not be a problem” and thought that it referred to starting a fight within Hamaguchi’s group. I judged this from what Sekine says about the boss in the last sentence here. My take:

  • はい。――ですが、構わないんで?
    “Yes. —However, there won’t be a problem?”
  • ああ、構わん.
    “Yeah, It’s fine”/“it won’t be a problem”
  • つべこべ言ったら、片づけて来い.
    “If (someone, presumably at the Medakagumi building) complains, tidy up (kill them) and come back”
    One of 片づける’s listings in Jisho is “to do away with someone,” so this is where they start to talk about killing.
  • 目高組一つぐらいなくなっても、別にボスは気になさらねえ.
    “Even if a Medakagumi member dies, the boss won’t particularly care.”
2. The fat man's inclination
  • 何せこの体ではね……。
    He’s talking about his own body. “Anyway with this body, you know…”
  • 面倒でかなわん。
    かなわん is 敵わない, not 叶わない. “(I) can’t put up with the trouble (of having sex),” implying that he has some physical difficulties with it.
  • その心配は無用だ」
    This particular worry is useless in the sense that there’s no need for Izumi to feel it. He’s not going to do what she’s worrying about.

Oops, fixed.


Ooh, that is really helpful

Aha. “On call” (or assigned to wait by the phone, maybe?)


I wondered about that, but couldn’t follow


Lots of things going on at once - Izumi’s failed attempt to escape while almost killing a nurse, the gang heading to the rescue while figuring out Kuroki’s past actions and 松の木 going after the parcel and getting Hideki. I wonder if he survived that (I guess not) and whether the bag they retrieved had the parcel they were searching for all along. Also, I guess Kuroki might just be getting what he deserved.

week 21

Well, Izumis situation is a lot more dire than before :eyes: I really liked the antagonists so far (aside from Kuroki, he was a bit boring/lame later on :sweat_smile:). They feel legitimately threatening.

Can’t say I cared for the continuation of the info dump by Tomoo. And Sakumas only role is to go “Oh, really?” “What do you mean?” … :roll_eyes: Oh well, guess the kid got it all figured out.

Oh, I first thought he was talking about Izumis body. Like, she’s a teenager, so he isn’t interested at all. “Finally not a pedophile” is what I thought, but your version makes more sense :sweat_smile:


My dictionary translated the word 収容所 as “housing facility, concentration camp, refugee camp” among other things. Those seem like vastly different words though, can it really mean “housing facility”? That seems pretty neutral compared to the rest. I would also hope that “refugee camps” aren’t referred to in the same way as the concentration camps.
Typing the word into google gives mostly sites about the concentration camps and the holocaust, so I would think that is the primary meaning :thinking: Not that the context gives room for any other possible meanings, just in general.

on 収容所

Daijisen defines it as


which is pretty wide in scope both in the definition proper and in the example compounds it gives. “Concentration camp” specifically looks like it would be 強制収容所, and there are other compound words in this group like 入国者収容所 “immigration detention centre”. I suspect EDICT includes “concentration camp” in the list of glosses because sometimes people use 収容所 as a clear-in-context abbreviation of 強制収容所.

Doc uses the word explicitly in the context of Nazi Germany; maybe it’s similar to how in English “Nazi camps” would clearly refer to concentration camps, but we also have POW camps, refugee camps, etc, and the meaning of “camp” in the sense of “place where people are brought together and housed” isn’t tainted by the more specific use?


My thoughts exactly. He started out feeling like a manipulative mastermind type of guy, but the minute Sekine’s people started to rough him up a bit, he turned into a crying mess. It’s such a stark contrast to the ladies withstanding torture in the parallel strands of the narrative. And now BLOB instant concrete. His death felt a little anti-climactic. Also, what kind of lame villain origin story is “My job as a cop didn’t pay well enough, so I had to smuggle heroin”?