よつばと! Vol 10 Discussion Thread (Yotsuba&! Reading Club)

I took it to be an echo.

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I would agree, although I did find Yotsuba’s little-kid lies pretty adorable. Like, it was a magician, they were wearing a hat and everything! xD I did feel bad for her when she was trapped in there with the statue though, poor kid


I’m genuinely sorry, everyone!

I know it’s not that big of a deal, but I don’t like not doing something so simple as posting the update to the thread.

Tomorrow, I’ll read every chapter I’m missing, and post the new week’s intro.

(I know it hasn’t been a week, so maybe there’s that, but still. Between irl responsibilities (which I’ve had basically 0 for the last few months) and just fatigue, I end up not doing much online; except participate in literally every other thread ever, apparently.)

Once you’re caught up, simply tell yourself that every day you miss the update, it’s another trip to see 仁王さん. :wink:

仁王さん's expectant look

It’s no problem for me if the update’s a little late (if I did my reading Monday and really wanted to post about it, I’d probably go ahead and post the “new week” update myself).

Really, what’s the worst that can happen for it not being posted?

Maybe this?


That’s more motivation than I could ever need.

Poor Yotsuba! :sob:

Edit: So, yeah, I’m just a liar, and I disappointed Yotsuba. u_u

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Everything’s great and Yotsuba is always on time! :smiley:

Discussion of Chapter 69 starts here.



So, apropos of nothing, I’ve been playing (a lot) of Dicey Dungeons, you guys should check it out if you like that sort of thing. :slight_smile:



What’s the world coming to?

Page 177:

Page 181:
Hah, she’s making the same face she did last time.

Gonna have to leave off reading there for a bit. This chapter is longer than I thought.


:open_mouth: I can’t believe it! The gall of some people.
You’d think this wasn’t a serious book club at all. :triumph:


And finished.

Kinda feel like lies upon lies is only gonna end in tears. Honestly, Miura’s got the right idea, most of the time. If they’d just said “we made him” during Danbo’s first appearence, Yotsuba would have been just as impressed. Perhaps even more so. Though, she was way off-base when she was insulting Yotsuba’s drawing…

But… that’s how it ends?

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I didn’t even realize this was the last chapter of the volume!
Miura’s vacation photos are so cute :smile:
Miura’s mom cracks me up. I don’t know what’s going on, but here, come have some juice xD Also, the tiny text on whatever page that is makes me chuckle. おおきいみうらだ indeed xD
I love how Yotsuba doesn’t even notice Miura’s mysterious disappearance after Danbo’s resurrection xD Her face when Danbo comes back is too adorable, though. I wonder how they’ll send Danbo off this time…


My little niece did something similar around Yotsuba’s age. She had a rude child over, and made her do stupid things like purposefully destroy some of her toys. She also thought her how to lie unconvincingly; It was pirates! Pirates came in, destroyed the toys and ran of again… cause that sounds SOOO convincing! XD
I don’t think this child was ever invited back again =P
This was her first time there, acting all snobby on top of it all, so why make a habit of it and let their child learn these bad behaviors.

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I was wondering about that too! While they prepared for the “resurrection”, what would they say about Miura not being there? Did she have to go get something for him, and did he fly her down or something?!! But then Yotsuba was so focused on Danbo she didn’t even notice she was missing XD


It’s time. Only a month and a half for me to catch up.

Sorry, guys. Life got in the way. :bowing_man:

So, Chapter 66, here we go! :smiley:

:blush: すっきりした


Finally! :smiley:

Tsk, tsk.

I mean, technically. The Truman Show and all. :stuck_out_tongue:

His face! :joy: I just love the interactions.

これで!? :rofl:

Short chapter!? No wonder people read it so quickly. :sweat_smile:

Now Chapter 67! Let’s go! :open_mouth:

Can’t handle the smoothness. :joy: :8ball:


風香 GET!

Not to brag, (is totally bragging) but I’m very good at those.
I mean, just don’t let go, and you win. But I’m good at not letting go.
In games, not real life. :sweat_smile: That’s besides the point. :cry:
There’ve been times where it’s just like, “Yep, been a minute now. You won.”
And I’m like, “Ah, ok.” and just let go. I don’t know what it is. :man_shrugging:

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I burst out laughing, and I’m still laughing at this page. :joy:
What a mastermind.

I usually have this problem, idk why.

It depends on the chair, I guess.

Ok! Two chapters for now. :smiley: Small steps.


:eyes: :thinking:

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Is it possible? Me, finishing Volume 10? It’s more likely than you think.
(I think I’ve apologized enough, but I’m sorry. :joy:)

Chapter 68 time! :smiley:

It’s so cute that Yotsuba remembers, and then Asagi just… :joy:

Oh, no… For being that big, those balls bounce way more than they should. :confounded:

Aw, man. I have a scab on my lip, I shouldn’t be reading this, I’m smiling way too much. :sweat_smile:

This isn’t looking good. :cold_sweat:

His face is half passive and half “this is going to be fun”.
New Yotsuba reaction image.

I hadn’t thought about it, but it makes sense.
If you had an insect inside you that made you lie, and it was going to be killed if you went with 仁王さん, it would probably make you say that you lied instead. Smart.


I mean, they’re sisters.
It’s not like Yotsuba was going to lose it, and if she did, I’m sure Asagi would just buy another one, or Fuuka would be like, “Meh. I wasn’t using it anyways.”

I actually liked it.
Obviously not the scaring Yotsuba part, but the message that whatever Yotsuba does is fine, as long as she doesn’t lie about it. 失敗するのはよつばの仕事だ。

And if she actually learned her lesson that lying is not nice, because her dad was “worried” and was taking her to get the 嘘つき虫 removed (in this scenario), I think that’s a well applied scary moment.
A scare or two isn’t going to kill anyone, hopefully.

I’m not going to tell anyone how to raise their children, though.

Just one chapter left! :sweat_smile:


Or the man with the hat could have taken it.

Do you really see Asagi doing that?

Do you really see Fuuka doing that? :stuck_out_tongue:

I popped into Bic Camera the other day for some stuff, and saw a guy doing his whole-face shave with the sample shaver. Does… does he not actually own a shaver? Like, if he ever needs a shave, does he just walk into the nearest electronics store?

I’ve heard the “go home, kids” melody several times during my current trip. :grinning: It’s always been instrumental-only, though.

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For sure. :0

We live in a society…

Oh, trip, right! :smiley:

Time for Chapter 69. (hype)

I used to take care of a hamster for a school thing, it was cute. :blush:

How is a hamster cheaper than a $20 cage. .-.

I guess if it’s a baby hamster and someone just wants to get rid of it.

Well… Color me surprised.

I remember my turtles were super cheap, like $10 for 2 maybe, but they were super small, too. :turtle:

:cry: Filbur and Rocko.
(They didn’t die, we gave them back to the store after a few years because they were too big, but I don’t imagine they’re still alive.)

No hesitation. :open_mouth:

嘘でしたっけ!? D:

Such a cool vacation! :smiley:

:joy: Isn’t saying he ran out of fuel way more reasonable? :rofl:

! My friend gave me one of those from when she went to Japan. :smile:
:sob: So pure.
A classic. xD

Welp. :3