ゆるキャン△ Vol. 13 🏕

Well, we can ballpark it at least. I admit it’s a tad easier with the writers who are a bit more consistent. :stuck_out_tongue:


Aye, I discovered the same unicode block a few volumes ago, though I’ve clean forgotten which symbol it was that kicked off my search. Some interesting things in there. Like ㍎ and ㍄, which I’m sure see lots of use in Japanese. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure that line is Dad saying what he did do. Auntie told her he used to be a hardcore road bike rider with legs like a professional racer, but he’s telling her he just rode a cross bike to work.

Ocurred to me that I never really addressed this one:

We pretty much dispensed with the vocabulary lists in favour of me just researching any proper nouns that come up (though admittedly I don’t always catch them all).


Anyway, so long, and thank you for all the camping.

番外編 - へやキャン△

Start date: May 7th

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Page 160, I’ve seen a lot of references to this trope of suspects in interrogation being given a bowl of katsudon, but I’ve never actually seen the actual trope. Though that’s possibly because I haven’t watched a great deal of Japanese police procedurals.

Page 161, astonishingly, the 農鳥 is real:

I was genuinely expecting this to turn out to be another Aoi-ism, especially since there’s a separate mountain on the Shizuoka-Yamanashi border called 農鳥岳. Aki came up with the Aoi-ism on the next page instead…

Page 163-164, didn’t we do this joke already? :stuck_out_tongue: Though it took me far too long to work out what was showing through the door on page 164, until I realised it was the outside of the door.

Page 165 final panel, ooo, the long-awaited view of the cheese pasta “sukiyaki” from the Christmas camp. Albeit just a single image.

Page 167, can anyone actually make out what that region on Aoi’s map sandwiched between 都市エリア and 住宅エリア is actually labelled? I think I can make out a センター, but that’s about it. Side note, a new proper noun: 相模原=さがみはら

Page 168, not entirely sure if this joke needs explaining, but since it’s geography-based, I guess I might: The point is that despite Aoi speaking in a Gifu-based dialect, the location marked as the family’s birthplace is as far from Gifu as you can get while still remaining in Yamanashi.

Page 169, the first panel is a pretty accurate rendition of the area north of Shiotsu Station - Googling suggests that its name is コモアしおつ rather than 四方津ニュータウン. Looks like a fun place to visit, though - it’s on top of a plateau, and connected to the train station by an escalator (though if photos on Google are anything to go by, it was under rennovation as recently as March this year).

Page 171-174, I absolutely love these strips. I’ve definitely mentioned before in these forums how much I enjoy the cleverness of those “make your own kanji” competitions, and these examples are certainly no exceptions. There’s so much going on in that リンちゃん kanji - リン, with シマリン団子, sitting outside her (empty) タープ付きソロテント, reading a 本, while cooking 肉 over 炭. Also rather suspecting that the body being 周 also means she’s wrapped in a blanket.

(I can’t really work out the origin of the kanji shown in the second panel of page 171 - they’re not previous winners of any of the official 創作漢字コンテスト. Think I get the meaning of… two of them.)

Page 176, oh boy do I know that feeling.

The long night has come…


As far as I know, that’s not exactly how it works in real life. I’ve heard that it’s only for witnesses who are being interviewed for a long time. It doesn’t have to be katsudon either.

I just checked, and that’s pretty much that. If you are a witness or a suspect but there’s not enough proof to arrest you and you are cooperative, you get to pick your lunch (around lunch time, obviously). I guess everyone picks katsudon, then? It’s not impossible. If you were arrested and are being interrogated, though, you’ll only get a (bad) bento.

Example story:


Where’s this week’s reading? What am I supposed to do with myself?


The real reading was the friends we made along the way.

But anyway, I read all the ヨコハマ買い出し紀行 I had left (volumes 6-8) instead.


The anime has reached this volume, and the 花見ドライブ/ツーリング arc, so I thought I’d share a couple of screenshot comparisons with photos I took last year.

Getting precisely the same photo here wasn’t quite possible without entering private property (even if the property is empty), but I do find it interesting that the barrels on the right side are almost exactly the same.

I’m impressed I managed this photo almost precisely the same - the only thing missing in my photo is the mallet lying across the top of the sign. Aside from the fact that I didn’t have a reference image on me, the view of this sign used in the manga version is actually quite different.

(And I still wish I’d had more time to spend in Utsubuna. If the weather had been less favourable on the Wednesday and more favourable on the Friday…)