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Looking ahead to do the vocab for the next chapter I see we are nearly at the end of the section again.

Would anyone would with a physical copy be able to provide the last few words of each page for section 4 please?

Thank you!

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Page. 107
ある あなから 「さんそ」 を とりいれて、
Page. 108
このとき、 こきゅうとは はんたいに、
おかげで 動物は いきていけるのです。
Page. 110
下の 方、ジャガイモの かわなどです。
Page. 111
少し あつめに きってもらいましょう。
Page. 112
この 根には えいようが たくさん
Page. 113
ここに えいようが たくわえられています。
Page. 114
大切な 体の 一部なのですね。


Last lines of every page of the whole next section -

p116: へんしんさせるには 小さな ひみつが あります。
p117: ことが できるのです。
p118: ビールや ウインなどの
p119: 中の きんの おかげです。(end of chapter)
p120: サポジラと いう 木の いきを あつめて かためた
p121: この チクルに、あまい あじを
p122: ふえていますね。(end of chapter)
p123: これは あっと いう 間に しずんでしまいます。
p124: かるく、水に うくのです。
p125: じっけんしてみると 楽しいですよ。(end of chapter)
p126: からだに ついた よごれが おちにくいのは、
p127: くっつくように なります。
p128: むかし、肉を やいた ときに おちた あぶらが、
p129: おとせるなんて、おもしろいですね。(end of chapter)
p130: セーターと、その 下に きている シャツが
p131: 冬、家の ドアノブを さわった
p132: にげてしまって、たまらないのです。(end of chapter)
p133: ずっと はやく すすむために おこります。
p134: すすみます。
p135: そんなに はやい 光でも、
p136: 見えていろのです。(end of chapter)
p137: いう とくべつな 光を つかいます。
p138: 「い」などの ないぞうの
p139: じゅしょうしています。(end of chapter)
p140: 理科の 先生を していたのです。
p141: 思うように なっていました。
p142: いつか あたしが かなえるわ!」
p143: 勉強が したいけど・・・・。
p144: そして 心に、こう ちかったのでした。
p145: 大学に 合かくしたのでした。
p146: それから 二人は 力を 合わせ、新しい
p147: 石から ラジウムだけを
p148: つづいた ある日ーーーー。(it’s a long line)
p149: 馬車に ひかれて なくなると いう かなしい
p150: なくなるまで つづけたのでした。(おわり)

edit: added end of chapter markers


That’s wonderful thank you! Thank you so much for doing this. Between two different versions of the book, and physical vs ebooks it’s tricky keeping track of where we are up to on page by page readings. This will be really useful, especially for me as I’m putting the threads together now but only have an electronic copy of the book.

I’ll put together the section 4 thread in a few days time. It doesn’t feel long since we started this book, it’s funny to see section 4 finishing on page 150!

You’re welcome, happy to help in some way!

I know, the other day I realized we’ve done more than half of the book!

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Section 4 thread is up - link is here. Lots of interesting chapters coming up. Amongst other things we are going to be reading about how yoghurt is made, static electricity, the speed of light, and finishing with a chapter about the life of Marie Curie. See you there!


Would someone who is a regular mind changing the title of this page please. We’re now reading part 4. Thanks!

Thanks @skymaiden :grinning:

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Reading through the chapter titles, I kind of want to try and keep up with this book instead of setting it aside for a bit :sweat_smile: We’ll see I guess!


なぜどうして Live Reading?

There has been a lot of excitement across in the Beginners’ Book Club about their recent live readings. The way it works is that everyone logs on at a fixed time on an app called Discord, and then you split up the reading and read the book out loud together.

Anyone who doesn’t want to read can join the conversation and just listen in.

Discord works well for this as you create an account just for Discord and it’s not connected to any of your other social media. It’s used a lot for gaming communities to come together. It has the option for creating a group and having a joint voice call.

Is there any interest in doing this? If so I can get us set up with a thread on the bookclub discord and we can figure out a time that works for us all to meet.

@IgorTheGreat @2000kanji @Cathm2 @matthewsa @Jedicro @nemurineko @cpage @tedledbetter @DenariusAshes @jewna


@Kappa420 @Belthazar @skymaiden @Oshin @carbtastic @frayderike

(See above, I could only call 10 people with the @ in one post)

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Actually, this probably lends itself to a poll…

Are you interested in a live reading session for this book?

  • Yes I’d be interested.
  • Sounds good but not for me.

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I’d be interested but haven’t really done much speaking yet!

I voted “interested” because I think it would be fun/interesting, but I haven’t even been able to join the ones for other clubs yet (wrong time zone or timing conflict) :sweat_smile:

I’m also quite terrible at reading Japanese out loud but I would try a little bit!

I’m quite behind on the book (haven’t started the current section yet) but that probably won’t matter because the chapters are quite separate anyway…

Absolutely, I love this idea.

Like @skymaiden said, I am definitely interested but I work nights and do all my studying usually at that time or in the early AM. Still, I can probably find some time to be a part of some of the live readings. That would be really great since I will admit I rarely read these pages out loud and when I do it aint good lol

I’m kinda curious but would probably be too chicken to read aloud. I’ve done almost zero practice speaking. I could listen in and maybe it’d be good motivation to try to improve.

Sounds great! And I think it’d be good for everyone to try to read aloud too, no matter what your experience level is. :smiley:

Fantastic! First things first, here’s the link to join the book club on Discord. I’ll ask for a なぜ thread to be created.

Secondly, what times zones are people in? I’ll then put up a poll to suggest some possible times we could do it.

What time zone are you in? You can check this on timeanddate.com if you’re not sure. I was wrong about my own time zone as I forgot about daylight savings time:

(Polls must be less than 20 options so apologies if you live in Greenland!)

  • UTC -8
  • UTC -7
  • UTC -6
  • UTC -5
  • UTC -4
  • UTC -3
  • UTC -1
  • UTC
  • UTC +1
  • UTC +2
  • UTC +3
  • UTC +4
  • UTC +5
  • UTC +6
  • UTC +7
  • UTC +8
  • UTC +9
  • UTC +10
  • UTC +11
  • UTC +12

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I think reading aloud would be great. I barely get any speaking practice as of now.