“izo izo!” -Ring Fit Adventure while i work out. meaning?

I told Ring Fit to talk to me in Japanese. while i do workouts it says something like “izo izo!” which must mean something like “good job” or “keep going” or something… but i can’t find that meaning when i google it… anyone know what it means and how it would be written in Japanese? thanks!

It’s probably いいぞ (いい and ぞ). ぞ is a common sentence ender for guys. Kinda like よ

Here’s the jisho entry for it


“That’s good! That’s good!”

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Yeah, it’s stereotypically a ‘macho’ kind of ending. I guess Ring Fit is trying to play the big, buff personal trainer. :stuck_out_tongue:


ring fit has a function to change the voice to female. i wonder if the female voice says something different.


I saw so many ads for that on TV when I was in Japan last October. Only now have I started to see ads for it here in Australia. Though… that may well be because I don’t watch much commercial TV any more…

it’s sold out everywhere so no reason to promote…

here is another one! i heard the woman say 安全 (anzen, safety) during the stretching part. I know that she said that because the english onscreen said to stretch safely. I found a word yay!

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