Your WaniKani Level VS Your JLPT Level

  • WaniKani Level: Level 20 really, still doing vocab for that level

  • JLPT Level: Taking much tougher online questions for N5, I’m just not fast enough processing tougher timed questions and still missing a number of N5 words, listening is still not that good, still mix up N4 grammar and occasional N5 grammar too much…and I still mix up katakana at times. Perhaps a ground between N5 and N4 for now?

  • Resources/Materials: WK of course! But Bunpro and the online grammar resources, Kitsun, Torii

  • Your Next Short Term Goals: Spend some time each day going through grammar and katakana, possibly purchase grammar textbooks (Genki) or really go through the grammar again, build a radical list to help with using online dictionaries, read some more basic material

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  • Wanikani Level: 4 (I’ve been studying for years but just now bought a membership for the winter sale)
  • JLPT Level: Passed N3 in December '19, probably close to N2 now, in grammar at least
  • Resources/Materials(Completed): Started with Tae Kim’s Grammar Guide, and read through all of that. Completed Nakama 1 textbook and most of Nakama 2. Other than that I’ve studied here and there just researching grammar points and vocabulary when I come across them in anime or on twitter/reddit/etc.
  • My Next Goal: Next goal is really working on kanji and vocabulary on WaniKani. Eventually I would like to take N1 or N2, but my main goal is to be able to read any Japanese news article I see on twitter without having to cling to jisho . org for kanji and vocab
  • WaniKani Level: 36 (when taking JLPT)

  • JLPT Level: Passed the JLPT N3 Dec 2020. 34/60 for Language Knowledge (with almost all the Kanji and Vocab I know coming from WK). Based on my total score and past data for the scaling, I should be around the top 70% percentile of test takers.

  • Resources/Materials(Completed): Genki I & II, Tobira

  • Your Next Goal: JLPT N2

Almost all my vocab comes from Wanikani. While I do watch anime and read manga, I don’t record unknown words in Anki, so whatever that diffuses into my memory are probably the more frequent words. I also use the Genki and Tobira textbooks mostly for their grammar. Self study and no external classes or some hidden experience/background.
Hence it is probably quite likely that reaching WK level 36 brings you close to JLPT N3

  • WaniKani Level: 30

  • JLPT LEVEL: N2 (Passed in 2018)

  • Resources/Materials(Completed): WaniKani up to level 30.

  • Your Next Goal JLPT N1, hopefully this summer. Plan to get take some work-related licenses in Japan after that as well.

I’ve lived in Japan for a while and work in a Japanese company so I’ve been skirting by with my relatively advanced(relative to my own abilities :wink: ) speaking/listening skills. My reading/kanji is soooo far behind though, like I almost failed the N2 despite a perfect listening score because my reading was just above minimum. I actually did fail it the first time for that reason (got like 19/60 on reading, need 20 as a minimum) So I’m finally gonna buckle down and finish out WaniKani, read some more Japanese novels and whatnot and beef up my reading ability.

WaniKani level: 6
JLPT Level: Vaguely above N5. I did some mock tests “back when” and had no trouble with N5 content.
Resources/Materials(Completed): level 1 course on JapanesePod101, WK up to level 6 (こりゃ!:smiley: ), 47.29% (大体、位 :stuck_out_tongue: ) of Tae Kim’s complete guide.

Your Next Goal:

  • Wrapping up Tae Kim’s guide
  • Starting on book reading to learn more vocab and kanji
  • Even more vocab and kanji
  • […]
  • Becoming fluent enough in Japanese to move there in ~2 years