Your WaniKani Level VS Your JLPT Level

  • WaniKani Level: Level 20 really, still doing vocab for that level

  • JLPT Level: Taking much tougher online questions for N5, I’m just not fast enough processing tougher timed questions and still missing a number of N5 words, listening is still not that good, still mix up N4 grammar and occasional N5 grammar too much…and I still mix up katakana at times. Perhaps a ground between N5 and N4 for now?

  • Resources/Materials: WK of course! But Bunpro and the online grammar resources, Kitsun, Torii

  • Your Next Short Term Goals: Spend some time each day going through grammar and katakana, possibly purchase grammar textbooks (Genki) or really go through the grammar again, build a radical list to help with using online dictionaries, read some more basic material

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  • Wanikani Level: 4 (I’ve been studying for years but just now bought a membership for the winter sale)
  • JLPT Level: Passed N3 in December '19, probably close to N2 now, in grammar at least
  • Resources/Materials(Completed): Started with Tae Kim’s Grammar Guide, and read through all of that. Completed Nakama 1 textbook and most of Nakama 2. Other than that I’ve studied here and there just researching grammar points and vocabulary when I come across them in anime or on twitter/reddit/etc.
  • My Next Goal: Next goal is really working on kanji and vocabulary on WaniKani. Eventually I would like to take N1 or N2, but my main goal is to be able to read any Japanese news article I see on twitter without having to cling to jisho . org for kanji and vocab
  • WaniKani Level: 36 (when taking JLPT)

  • JLPT Level: Passed the JLPT N3 Dec 2020. 34/60 for Language Knowledge (with almost all the Kanji and Vocab I know coming from WK). Based on my total score and past data for the scaling, I should be around the top 70% percentile of test takers.

  • Resources/Materials(Completed): Genki I & II, Tobira

  • Your Next Goal: JLPT N2

Almost all my vocab comes from Wanikani. While I do watch anime and read manga, I don’t record unknown words in Anki, so whatever that diffuses into my memory are probably the more frequent words. I also use the Genki and Tobira textbooks mostly for their grammar. Self study and no external classes or some hidden experience/background.
Hence it is probably quite likely that reaching WK level 36 brings you close to JLPT N3

  • WaniKani Level: 30

  • JLPT LEVEL: N2 (Passed in 2018)

  • Resources/Materials(Completed): WaniKani up to level 30.

  • Your Next Goal JLPT N1, hopefully this summer. Plan to get take some work-related licenses in Japan after that as well.

I’ve lived in Japan for a while and work in a Japanese company so I’ve been skirting by with my relatively advanced(relative to my own abilities :wink: ) speaking/listening skills. My reading/kanji is soooo far behind though, like I almost failed the N2 despite a perfect listening score because my reading was just above minimum. I actually did fail it the first time for that reason (got like 19/60 on reading, need 20 as a minimum) So I’m finally gonna buckle down and finish out WaniKani, read some more Japanese novels and whatnot and beef up my reading ability.

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WaniKani level: 6
JLPT Level: Vaguely above N5. I did some mock tests “back when” and had no trouble with N5 content.
Resources/Materials(Completed): level 1 course on JapanesePod101, WK up to level 6 (こりゃ!:smiley: ), 47.29% (大体、位 :stuck_out_tongue: ) of Tae Kim’s complete guide.

Your Next Goal:

  • Wrapping up Tae Kim’s guide
  • Starting on book reading to learn more vocab and kanji
  • Even more vocab and kanji
  • […]
  • Becoming fluent enough in Japanese to move there in ~2 years

EDIT: Updating the post, since it’s a little funny now :smiley: . Nov 14th same year
WaniKani level: 38
JLPT Level: ~N3. I know quite a bit of grammar points, kanji and vocab from N2-N1, but overall I’m definitely not even at N2 yet.

  • TaeKim’s Guide to Grammar
  • Genki 1 & 2
  • level 1 and 2 courses on JapanesePod101
  • ~50% of Tobira

Your Next Goal:

  • Eventually finishing the Advanced Tobira book
  • Taking JLPT N3 or N2 next year June
  • Reading and more reading (Edogawa Ranpo is my main author)
  • Becoming fluent enough in Japanese to be “big in Japan” 草
  • WaniKani Level: 8
  • JLPT Level: Close to N5 (Need more grammar and a few more WK levels)
  • Resources/Materials: WaniKani, KaniWani, Genki I & II, Japanese From Zero 1 Japanese Music, Different Animes, and Different Youtube Channels (Misa Ammo’s Absolute Grammar Playlist, Cure Dolly, etc.)
  • Your Next Goal: JLPT N5 by March 2022, Finish Wanikani in 2023, Finish Genki 1-2
  • Wanikani Level: 39
  • JLPT Level: don’t know and don’t care
  • Grammer Level: Kelsey

Aww… Little baby Lv 16 amagi.

Wanikani Level : 39
JLPT Level : Reading level is N3, but vocabulary holds me back at N4.
Resources/Materials : Tobira, and Tutor.
Your Next Goal : WaniKani level 50, Finish Tobira, Finish my N3 vocabulary book.


Wanikani Level : 29, should be 30 after this weekend :slight_smile:
JLPT Level : Although I can get the gist of most NHK Easy articles–sometimes even 100% comprehend!–truthfully, I wouldn’t actually pass an N5 exam.
Resources/Materials : Bunpro, Anki, Genki I, various other things
Your Next Goal : Practice listening more and pass an N5 practice test.

  • WaniKani Level: 60
  • JLPT Level: Around N1 I would hope…who knows if I could pass the listening though
  • Resources/Materials: Wanikani,anki,koohi
  • Your Next Goal: 100 books read in japanese or reading through a full length book with 0 unknown words that I come across. Whichever comes first.

Wow, update time. I wish I had updated a year later instead for funsies sake.

  • WaniKani Level: 30
  • JLPT Level: N4 as of the July 2021 test
  • Resources/Materials: Japanese from Zero, WK, Lingodeer, occasionally or Duolingo. Also reading real texts
  • Your Next Goal: Talk more with my coworkers. My goal is fluency, so I want to get better at both understanding and using Japanese. I found that the JPLT really burned me out, so I’d like to avoid taking it again if possible. While it’s a good way of forcing myself to learn more grammar points, it’s not very indicative of one’s abilities anyway.
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Your progress is pretty amazing.
I was surprised when I saw the post and the date; I see you helping around with grammar and whatnot on the forums all the time.

  • WaniKani Level: 36

  • JLPT Level: Literally the worst NInfinity

  • Resources: Idk not completed all but in some grammar book when I started like JFZ/Genki/Tobira/TaeKim wanikani/Anki youtube, some Shimura Ken sketches, many online mangas, differents comedy/drama series, too much NHK or matcha blog reading, italki, JP Netflix, Watching the Simpsons in Japanese, Project Diva, Yakuza franchise, and many more Sega games or just games in japanese in general, japanese/english discord server that I got roasted due to my unnatural japanese, many japanese youtubers watching like Hikakin, Seikin, Hikaru, Horiemon, Hajimeshacho, History Manga Animated channel etc. Listening to japanese online radio with SBS japanese almost everyday at work I can imitate a bit the anchorman. Listening to many japanese artists like STUTS, Anarchy, Zorn, Aklo, Daichi Yamamoto, Myachi, Tahako Matsu, LiSA, Yamashita Tatsuro, Grosso Mondo, BAD HOP , etc.

  • Your Next Goal: SNS w/ nipponjin make friends before WHV at Roppongi

  • WaniKani Level: 41 (just barely)

  • JLPT Level: N2 - July 2021

  • Resources: Wanikani, iTalki, switch games, books, stupid youtube videos, living in Japan

  • Your Next Goal: Taking the N1 in July 2022. Probably won’t pass the first time, cause while I’m pretty confident with listening and kind of confident in Kanji, adjectives, adverbs, and grammar kick my butt every time…


Wanikani Level: 30

JLPT Level: Never took the JLPT, and it’s been some years since I’ve studied Japanese dedicatedly. Based on what I know of the JLPT, provided some time to shake off my rust and review the material, I think I could pass the N4.

  • WaniKani Level: 32
  • JLPT Level: I’ve not taken a JLPT test yet, I plan to study for it when I get closer to the end of Beginner Japanese
  • Resources/Materials(Completed): Minna no Nihongo, subbed Anime, Manga in Japanese, Weekly lessons, Tofugu, miscellaneous research, WaniKani equivalent Custom App I built for vocabulary from “the wild” (with permission)
  • Your Next Goal: Finish Minna no Nihongo beginner and start intermediate preferably within the next 6-8 months with my teacher, study for N3/N2, finish all of my favourite Manga series, find decent Anime resources that have Japanese subs that doesn’t require a lot of torrenting or torrent like requirements that aren’t limiting content

I want to do more study despite full time work but I know I’ll burn out too fast, but I really really wanna get good fast! (Yes I know that’s not really possible because there’s a lot to learn with Japanese :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Ehh sure, let’s add on:

  • WaniKani Level: 22
  • JLPT Level: I haven’t taken the JLPT, and I honestly only have a very vague idea of how it works, because I’m not sure I’ll ever have to take it. If I do, I’ll just wait until I think I can handle N1 and go for that. It would be a neat benchmark, but I have no actual need for it. That said – I want to say by now, I’ve got some solid comfort with everything N5 and N4 level, and it’s been a while since I was working on N4 stuff, with a lot of new learning since then, so I’m… I’ll guess halfway to N3? I want to say I technically know (well, should know, in my SRSes anyway) a quantity of words equal to what N3 tests for, and this WK level gets me 72% of the kanji known, but it’s very unlikely I’d actually pass the test any time soon. I’m sure I’m missing plenty of the exact grammar they look for (though I know I know some “higher level” stuff too).
  • Resources/: I went through both Genkis, and I’ve read the majority of stuff on Satori Reader now, working through a last few “harder” level stories. Along the way on the reading front I moved from Tadoku graded readers to having read nearly 25 total volumes of (relatively easy) manga, with some degree of struggling of course. For listening I’ve used all sorts of Nihongo con Teppei episodes and his podcast with Noriko, on top of watching a few shows (Shirokuma Cafe for example) and just idly throwing on V-Tubers or whatever. I’m still bad at it but I’ve definitely seen improvement.
  • Your Next Goal: Finish up going through what’s left that I want to do in Satori Reader in the next month or so, then get started reading real visual novels with texthooking. The first one might be Little Busters or Clannad, we’ll see. If I find that tolerable, then, well, I’ve arrived. I’ve always enjoyed the medium so I can just follow the loop of mining VNs (alongside continuing through WK) for ages and have a great time.

Wanikani level: 4
Jlpt: I’m able to pass jlpt n5 on migii jlpt but i dont think its worth it to take the exam .
Resources/Materials: basically most beginner books mushed toghether and videos online
Your next goal: To take n3 in 2023 July or 2022 December!

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Old thread, but might as well add to it — would be interesting to look back at later on!

  • WaniKani Level: 41
  • JLPT Level: Never taken an actual exam, but I took a mock test along with other WK users (link to my results posted on that thread) in July and passed fairly comfortably. Although I haven’t yet finished Genki 2 I’m quite comfortable with N4 grammar by now, and know a bit of N3 grammar as well. My vocabulary knowledge is all over the place, and the amount of kanji I know is more than sufficient.
  • Resources/Materials: Haven’t completed anything so far, but I’m currently finishing off Genki 2. I’ve listened to all ‘Let’s Learn Japanese From Small Talk’ podcast episodes, now use Vtubers/Youtubers for listening practice, and have an online tutor session weekly for conversation practice. I’m also going to keep reading novels in Japanese.
    And how could I forget Wanikani?!
  • Your Next Goal: Finishing Genki 2 before the end of the year, as well as Kiki’s Delivery Service (the novel) in the same timeframe.
    Slightly Longer Term Goal: To be at a level where I’m able to pass N3 by July or December 2022 (next year).