Your WaniKani Level VS Your JLPT Level

Well done - you made your goal!

  • WaniKani Level: 23

  • JLPT Level: I never took an exam, my grammar is below N5 when I have to remember the grammar points myself, so I would probably fail.

  • Resources/Materials(Completed):
    Japanese from zero 1-2 (books)
    Mirai Japanese (app)
    Learn hiragana/katakana/kanji to survive (game)
    Japanese a1-a2 (classes)
    Ima! 1-2 (books)

  • Your Next Goal:
    Finishing Genki 1-2
    Finishing Bunpro N1-4
    Finnishing WaniKani
    Take the N2 in 2023
    (Keep reading/watching series every day)

  • WaniKani Level: Level 7, quit for about a year and came back at level 4
  • JLPT Level: Under N5 level :frowning:
  • Resources/Materials(Completed): Almost finished with the Marugoto A1 course, and I’ve started Pimsleur + using Anki since forever
  • Your Next Goal: Finishing Marugoto A1 course and Genki 1 this year, and hopefully being around N4 level. (I’d love to be N3, but it probably won’t be that easy)

WaniKani Level: 1
JLPT Level: I learned quite a bit from audio and speaking but I’m probably N4 because my kanji knowledge is likely insufficient to read higher levels. I’ve never actually taken the JLPT.
Resources/Materials : Genki 1 (Self Study), MyJapaneseCoach, Skype/SharedTalk (Theres been no good replacement for sharedtalk since it shutdown) , Yookoso 2 and An Integrated Approach to Japanese ( in university), HelloTalk, Anki core 10k (In progress)
Your Next Goal: My next goal is to read a book in japanese and listen to the japanese content that I do with more ease. In the future I will try for the N1 once I finish Anki core 10k, study N1 grammar and finish wanikani or whatever Kanji study method I settle on. I will then apply for translation jobs with videogames!


Can I pass JLPT N4 With **WaniKani Level: 5 ?

The kanji reading section (where you have to select the correct reading, or the correct way to write a kanji) is only small, compared to the rest. But, for the reading and grammar sections, it might be nice to know a bit more kanji/vocab (a lot of N4 vocab does not require you to know the kanji, and might also show up very late in WK). The kanji that are frequently considered N4 level, are less than a 250, though. Quite doable to learn them outside of WK. Basic textbooks like Genki I and II or Minna no Nihongo I and II, will teach you the vocab you need through grammar practice. Make sure you get used to reading kana, and don’t neglect listening practice.


WaniKani Level: 3
JLPT Level: Passed N5 in 2018 December. Was intending to take JLPT N4 in July 2020 this year (my country offers July/December) but due to Covid…
Resources/Materials: Beginner to N5 I used Genki Book 1 (finished Chapter 1-12), Minna No Nihongo (Finished Chapters 1-25), Youtube Listening N5 practices, Misa Ammo’s Absolute Grammar Playlist on Youtube. Transitioning from N5 to N4 level, I’m currently using Minna No Nihongo (Chapters 1-50), Soumatome N4, Try Grammar! N4, ShinKanzen Master for Listening and Reading/Grammar (My weakest is always the starred questions in the exam urgh).
Your Next Goal: I’m currently working on expressing myself better in Japanese to my friends. Etc using more enders like しから, かな, わ etc as a girl in writing. Also, I’m hesitant on if I would like to focus on studying towards N3 or just work on what I have now and strengthen my basic conversational and writing skills.


So, when you abandoned Wanikani, is the level goes down? Or you restart it from beginning?

WaniKani Level : 15 going on 16 (in a day or two)

JLPT Level : N5

Resources/Materials : Japanese Linguistics 1&2 although I’ve accidentally stuck half of my notes in storage for the next 2 years. Beginner Visual Learning Japanese. Ideally I’ll be able to start the intermediate level in about 2 days. Japanese from Zero Youtube video series (3/4), Tae Kim’s Grammar (not very far), and Duolingo (3rd checkpoint). I’m looking for another video resource for when I finish Japanese from Zero, so if you have any recommendations, please share! At least aside from Cure Dolly, because the cgi doll just weirds me out.

Your Next Goal : Take the N3 in December. I’m on track to reach the right vocab level with WaniKani, but I need to step up my grammar study. I plan to take VLJ more seriously and make better use of other aids.

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  • WaniKani Level: 6
  • JLPT Level: I never took an exam, my grammar is upper N5/lower N4
  • Resources/Materials: GENKI I (completed), Miku Sensei real Japanese Anki-decks & shadowing audio, online tutoring (italki), Bunpro reviews etc
  • Your Next Goal: Finishing GENKI II this year, reaching at least lvl 15 on WaniKani, speaking practice at least once a week (I started my own language exchange group over Discord), read more manga and other reading resources (such as graded readers, Japanese elementary school books etc), watch Japanese TV-series on Netflix, record myself speaking Japanese on Hello Talk at least 3 times a week, listen to Japanese podcasts at least 3 times a week, book online tutoring lessons at least once a month, do my Anki-reviews, work through Miku Senseis shadowing audios/grammar lessons weekly etc
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No, I resetted it to lvl 45, because I couldn’t handle amount of reviews I had.

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Aarrghh I feel your pain… those damn starred questions!! :confounded:

  • WaniKani Level: 8. It’s been two months tho.
  • JLPT Level: I don’t know, I can do JLPT N5 test practice without any difficult.
  • ** I recently read Genki 1. And I began study with Duolingo, deerlingo, and wanikani of course.
  • Your Next Goal: Finish all Duolingo trees, have to read all of the genki 1, and reach wk level 23 due to the end of this year.
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For video resources, I’ve heard nothing but great things about 日本語の森 on youtube, and they cover material up to N1 difficulty.

Thank you! This looks great. I look forward to learning from it. :slight_smile:

What’s your review on Miku? I was thinking about becoming a Patreon…

Wanikani Level: 14
JLPT Level: N4ish, I took sample exams for N4 and passed
Resources/Materials: Finished Genki 1, will finish Genki 2 in a few weeks. Finished several Graded Reader sets from N5 to N4. NHK Easy, Cure Dolly, Memrise, Kamesame, some assorted video games for children, Terrace House
Your Next Goal: Start Tobira, learn 5k words, reach N3 in a year, immerse myself in more native materials


Wanikani Level : 16
JLPT Level : N4
Resources/Materials : Genki 1, Genki 2, Private Tutor, Cure Dolly, Bun Pro, KaniWani, Other youtube classes.
Your Next Goal : Next Goals, Complete N4 Grammar/Level 30WK, Complete N3 grammar/Level 40WK, Complete N2 Grammar/Level 51WK.

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Wanikani Level : 4
JLPT Level : Not yet N5
Resources/Materials : Wanikani
Your Next Goal : Reach level 10 then start studying vocab frequency list.

Wanikani Level : 7
JLPT Level : lower N3
Resources/Materials : Tobira, Wanikani
Your Next Goal : Start my first book and using some real world materials

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