Your WaniKani Level VS Your JLPT Level

Oooh that’s a good point. Thanks for the tip. I’ll check around for sure.

  • WaniKani Level: 26
    JLPT Level: I passed N5 in August 2018 and I just sat N3 this month
    Resources/Materials: Genki I & II, Intermediate Approach to Japanese, many Nihongo Sou Matome N3 books, practice exam book, Nihongonomori N3 videos, Japanese Ammo, Memrise (not any more but wanna get back on that), Anki
    Your Next Goal: Really improve my listening as it’s my weakest point thru videos/podcasts etc. Find things I enjoy in Japanese as I don’t like manga or anime. If I could sit the N2 exam in August 2021 that would be awesome even if I don’t pass it as I’m probably not gonna use Japanese for work in the future
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I’d say yes if I were still living in Japan. As it is, my nearest testing location is a 2-3 hour flight away. That, plus the testing fee, is more than I’m willing to shell out to fail another test. RIP

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  • WaniKani Level: 14
  • JLPT Level: I passed N3 in July 2019 and took N2 this December (2019). Don’t know if I passed that yet, lol. I only started WaniKani after passing N3 though and honestly I have no idea how I got there without WK because it makes learning kanji just a bajillion times easier. A real question: HOW DID I LEARN ANY KANJI BEFORE?
  • Resources/Materials(Completed): 90% just living in Japan and most recently… WaniKani. I haven’t completed anything! Also would like to give a shoutout to the 新完全マスター series. You a real one.
  • Your Next Goal: Pass N2 and read one entire book in Japanese within the next year!
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  • WaniKani Level: 9 ( maybe 10 in a few days)
  • JLPT Level: took N4 this winter - hope I passed
  • Resources/Materials(Completed): Minna no Nihongo Shokyu I & Shokyu II, nihongo sou matome N4,
  • Your Next Goal: try N3 next year

We have three book clubs starting soon. One this weekend with the beginner book club and two at a more intermediate level in January.

(No thread for the third one yet, but it’s 氷菓).

  • WaniKani Level: 25
  • JLPT Level: None, (some other test placed me intermediate which i recon is around N3)
  • Resources/Materials(Completed): Tae Kim’s grammar guide and cure dolly on YT which i found largely superior for understanding what goes on in the langauge, otherwise i never did much textbook stuff
  • Your Next Goal: Uhm, im just planning to read and listen a lot (that’s how i got fluent in English in the first place) but completing WK and bunpro seems like reasonable goals.
  • WaniKani Level: 4 (free membership)
  • JLPT Level: N1 (+ Kanken 2)
  • Resources/Materials (Completed): Genki I + II, Tobira, other assortment of reference books (日本語文法ハンドブック初級/中級, 現代日本語文法1-7, various grammar/kanji dictionaries), Anki
  • Your Next Goal: Probably 10% pre-1 for Kanken, 85% read all the books on my shelf, 5% get to level 60 on WK (maybe)
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Can I ask why you would want to do WaniKani if you have Kanken 2? You are the only person I’m aware of on the site with it (though I’m taking it today so I have a chance to join you).

The only difference is I knew only a few hundred kanji when I joined the site.

Other than a few dozen pre-1 kanji that happen to be included, I can’t imagine you’d learn anything new.


It was mostly so I could recommend it to friends and/or family. I’d heard good things elsewhere, so I thought I’d check it out myself. Now I’m just here because getting to level 60 would be cool and it’s a fun thing I can do every day.


WaniKani Level: 12
JLPT Level: N4 just about?
Resources: None are completed per say Genki I, Japanese From Zero (more specifically the YouTube videos), iTalki, YOUTUBE…these are the main set.
Next Goal/Wish: To meet more people to speak to in person in Japanese and get more confident. Complete WK.

Wanikani Level: 7

JPLT Level: N∞

Resources: I completed the old Memrise Level 1 Japanese course (and promptly forgot it) other than that I’ve got through some vocab on Kana Town, started the Japanese “Parallel Texts” book by penguin (it’s a collection of short stories in the original format and a translation with notes meant for either study or enjoyment) as well as rewatching Bakemonogatari with Japanese subs only (my attempt at AJATT). Oh and a semester of the optional Japanese course at my uni

Next Goal/Wish: This is gonna sound weird but try to focus on grammar without not focusing on it too much, I’m trying to engage the pattern recognition part of the subconscious to do the heavy lifting and essentially “acquire the language instead of learning it.” I’m still figuring out how to carry out this wish (not even sure if it’s possible.)

Also wouldn’t mind getting JPLT N5 next year, maybe N4 next December (optimism)

  • WaniKani Level: 60
  • JLPT Level: N4 (December 2018) working on N3
  • Resources/Materials(Completed): Memrise Japanese 1-7, SouMatome N4 and N5, TRY N4, Genki I, LingoDeer Japanese 1, Duolingo
  • Your Next Goal: Finish Genki II, start Tobira, get up to N3 in Bunpro, burn all Kanji in WK, Finish TRY N3, take the N3 exam in December 2020
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I think you are one of the few people that are like me haha. I kind of neglected everything beside Kanji because WK takes already enough time :smiley:

Good luck!

  • WaniKani Level: 21
  • JLPT Level: N4 (July 2019… back when I was somewhere in the early teen levels?)
  • Resources/Materials(Completed): JFBP1 at evening classes. I don’t really “complete” materials… official practice booklets for N5 and N4 exams.
  • Your Next Goals: N3 this July, or December if I don’t pass. Read more (fiction) in Japanese. Start listening to Japanese podcasts. (Motivating self by publicly announcing goals). Engage with the WK community :smile:

My experience is that if you’re not a native, living in Japan from when you were born, you can’t get better over a certain level without knowing kanji (all of them). You can’t read proper books and getting better is strictly related to reading native material, in my opinion…
Of course grammar is necessary to understand native material also. All is necessary. The old woman had learnt to speak as a child and the child obviously also. Our brains and our learning process are totally different.

What does “all of them” even mean? You can definitely be a well-read, functioning adult in Japanese society without knowing all kanji.

  • WaniKani Level: 2
  • JLPT Level: Passed N5 some years ago. Probably between N4 and N3.
  • Resources/Materials: Minna no Nihongo 1 & 2, Basic Kanji 1 & 2, Kanji Garden, Anki, various dictionaries, group and private classes, podcasts and many trips to Japan :laughing:
  • Your Next Goal: Level up in WK. N4 in July and depending on how that goes, maybe N3 in December.

The 10.000+ that are defined in Shift-JIS, including the ghost kanjis with no reading nor meaning.
Better know their stroke order as well :stuck_out_tongue:


No no, just the ~6000 Kanken level 1 kanji are enough.