Your Personal Reading mnemonics

I sometimes prefer the reading mnemonic of census instead of centaur for the せん reading which comes up a lot.
Do you have any personal favorites for common readings ?


I was indifferent toward centaur until it came to 選
This kanji IS the centaur, with two conflicting selves together in one being. The scooter radical just adds to the ambiance of centaurness. The kanji must make a choice about who they really are, human or horse! The reading is, of course, せん.

For some other random ones.

  • KyuuBi is the Nine-tailed fox, so ゆび is the ten fingers 指 (not quite ten but close enough)
  • 流 with radicals like tsunami and river, this is obviously about water and streaming. Like a river meanders through the land, so can a powerful dragon りゅう. Dragons also have little cousins called なが Nāga - Wikipedia
  • 橋 is fun, it’s obviously a Japanese castle, standing on a bridge next to a tree. You have to run はし across the bridge to avoid getting shot with an arrow.
  • 骨 is fun because it just looks like a skeleton with little arms and legs. Don’t really have a good mnemonic, but I’ve watched enough One Piece that remembering ほね is not hard.