Kanji i don't understand

so it gives me a word to relate to EG- river and cow now using that i need to find the kanji for that sound or do i just memorize the symbols next to that


Being level 1, I assume you’re talking about radicals? Once you guru the radical, you’ll get the kanjis that utilize said radical. For now, with radicals you just memorize the ‘meaning’

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i have gotten guru now its showing me kanji it tells me the meaning which is the same then it asks for readings but i’m not sure what it wants
EG- http://puu.sh/vEx32/b082e5f883.png

The reading is also taught in the lesson. In this case you could answer either たい ot だい.

Ah, the ‘reading mnemonic’ is more of a mental trick to help remember the pronunciation of the kanji. The pronunciations “sound like” the English words tie dye. So, a ‘trick’ to remember this kanji is to associate it with a big guy in a tie dye shirt, which sparks your memory, "oh yes, its たい (or だい)

so its just as close as english can get to the kanji i need, but for the most part i need to be remembering the kanji itself

As close as it can get pronunciation wise yes, but not meaning (although there are meaning mnemonics too). If it helps you remember the pronunciation, great. If not, ignore it. I often either ignore the mnemonics, or make up my own.

like why is this wrong

Only choose one or the other. You don’t need to put both answers down.

its nin OR jin. Many kanji have multiple pronunciations depending on the word they’re part of.
So, nin is right, jin is right, but ninjin is wrong (as is nin,jin)

This is what the word you wrote actually means


OH! For this specific question, I think you are talking about かわ 川 which means river. If you don’t know your hiragana yet, you should go look up charts and practice saying it and writing it. They will tell you the pronunciations. かわ is pronounced “kawa” like at the beginning of a kawasaki motorcycle (it’s a Japanese company, so it makes sense)… I guess Koichi thought the closest English word to that was COW… which isn’t 100% accurate for saying the word, but is meant to be the mnemonic to help you remember. If you find it’s not helpful, make it about a Kawasaki motorcycle instead!

Does that make sense or help you sort things out more?

I always go look at the hirigana under the reading tab to the left of the panel to get the pronunciation myself, as a lot of the English words used in the mnemonics don’t work with how I pronounce them.

that makes way more sense as Im spending a lot of time when i remember cow but i have to think ka wa so its more about pronunciation
doesnt help that i was trying to use both given choices and getting them all wrong

I’m glad I could help. Hopefully things will make more sense to you from now on.
If you have other questions about WK things that you think may just be because you’re new, feel free to ask them here.

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