You watched it HOW MANY times? - Let's Rewatch thread!

This began as a weird idea I had, but after talking about it in the POLL thread, it turns out that this is a fairly common method of improving listening :

Re - watching the same episode / movie many times to ingrain dialogue, grammar and pronunciation.

This thread is made for anyone crazy enough to join us, you are free to choose what you want to watch, how often and at what frequency. I’d love to hear everyone’s experiences, if they’re noticing improvements, annoyances, … So feel free to jump in and share!

What I will do :

I will take the first episode of “ダンベル何キロ持てる?” and watch it on repeat for 60 days. Once per day. To make sure I have a correct understanding of the entire episode and all it’s nuances, I will watch it in this order :
Day one : English subtitles
Day two : Japanese subtitles
Day three : No subtitles
Day 4 - 9 : Repeat Day 1 - 3
Day 10 : English subtitles
Day 10+ : No subtitles

I might also listen to it in the background when cooking / cleaning and stuff, but this will depend on how the experience goes :stuck_out_tongue:

Starting day 10 I will also add 20 words per day to Kitsun to kick them into an SRS system. Now, if I don’t go insane from this exercise I’m curious on how it will help with my listening comprehension in :
a. This episode
b. This series
c. Other anime
d. Japanese in general

A video of someone who did something similar with an episode of Jojo :

Looking forward to this!


I’m in!!
Looking for content today.
Video: 1 video 60 times. See how long that takes me.
Song: 1 regular song 60 times and write out lyrics by hand
Song 2: I want to learn ダンス寿司 to annoy my husband. 60 times.

I just have my cellphone so getting lyrics is sometimes hard.


Ooooh, also doing this with songs is a great idea! I’m shamelessly stealing this idea ^^

Normally have an enormous library of songs in shuffle, so takes weeks before I hear the same song again. Goes off to look for a song


I might give this another try at some point. Along with songs. I have an entire anime soundtrack playlist.

Linking to my other post with examples that I tried this with here


Would love for you to join us ^^ Also, feel free to talk about your past experiences here too, would love to hear more about them!


Okay! Here’s my list.

Song to annoy someone: ダンス寿司
Song: 100 milions Namedaruma
Video: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K
It’s on free netflix so subtitles are easy to switch. I can access it from my phone.
The main character talks a lot.


Immediately adds to Netflix list


What is this even :joy_cat: Might join you on this one. Already chose my song as ずっと真夜中でいいのに。『暗く黒く』, but this one is nice and short… Will make up my mind tomorrow!

Samesies! Still have a few others to finish first, but looks interesting!


I’m going to steal @Nemuitanuki’s idea too :green_heart:

Goal: better understand casual Japanese and hear and recognize grammar elements since as verb inflections (I’m mostly fine with hearing ます ones, but short forms trip me up all too frequently).

Video: 1 episode of anime 10-15 times (it’s gonna be JoJo, let’s face it. Probably Part 1, Part 5, and then Part 4)
Song: 1 song 30 times
I’ll start with 【MUDA MUDA SONG】 explained by the guy who made it - YouTube since this one has an explanation and then do the rest by this guy. It’s something I’m highly tolerant of and he makes a lot of jokes and wordplay. Edit: I didn’t realize I didn’t link the “full” (1:20) video lol ジョジョちゃん飲まなきゃ嫌だっちゃコール Full Ver - YouTube
Song 2: a normal/popular song 30 times

I guess it’s finally time to get anki…


Glad to see you join us :smile_cat:

Would have been shocked if it was something else :stuck_out_tongue:


I could’ve said some Ghibli movies :stuck_out_tongue: I do tolerate rewatching those too lol


As a preschool teacher I have a high tolerance for dumb awesome songs. My husband does not. If I can even learn the chorus it would up my annoying factor by 10 points.


Oh a special thread for it!

Will chime in again, how this REALLY worked for me!
I picked something I knew by heart already, thus half understanding EVERYTHING cause I know what the character is supposed to say: The Lion King!

How many times did I watch it in English? I’d say a 100, which is less as many times as Norwegian =P
So yeah, I used it to learn English :wink:
So next step: Do it again in Japanese! Which I did YEARS ago when I first started my journey.
How many times? At least 50! But haven’t done it again since (still know many of the lines by heart well enough that when I actually learn the meaning of the words I STILL remember it from the film!)

I want to re-watch my Lion King movies again, but also find a new source to binge. Preferably one on Crunchyroll, Disney+ or Netflix for easy repeats. I have yet to decide. If I know the source material well already it is by far best, so will look through Disney first =)

I took Lion King a step further. I took the songs and memorized them.
I still know some more or less by heart, even though half the words are still unknown :wink: (I can guess most though, from context/English version. But still!)

Note: This was BEFORE I knew Japanese, so, pronunciation is shoddy. I’d say it is good for being a complete novice :wink:
Disclaimer: I have ZERO voice training, shit equipment and no sound editing (straight from cam, yes, I made this by filming with a PHOTO camera XD Both voices by me, no edit (other than putting two separate recordings on top each other), I can do that =P I harmonised by doing one first, them listening to it when doing the other )


Is JoJo a popular choice because it’s relatively easy to understand the characters when they talk / the language they use? If I do this it would have to be ep 1 as I’ve never watched JoJo before (sorry)

(with the exception of, I did look up the ‘It was I, Dio!’ scene as I wanted to understand that meme) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Not particularly, I think? I am just JoJo obsessed lately and since I was the last POLLmaster, we had some very JoJo POLLing.

You’ll probably hate Dio if you watch it :joy:


Having seen the ‘It was I, Dio’ meme in English helped me understand the somewhat odd Japanese grammar that is used here. ‘この X’ when referring to oneself. I had seen it a couple of times before JoJo and was confused about the meaning. ありがとうディオ先生.

@Matskye I appreciate your media choice in “ダンベル何キロ持てる?”. Somewhat meta in that it is a show about exercise (I think?), and you’re using it to do your own ‘reps’ :smile:.


Ohh are you not meant to?? He totally looks like the bad guy in that particular bit :joy: Also a lot of the YT comments said he was 12 :thinking: reaaaaaally?


Over here I sit with my set of Dio icons, simping for him :clown_face:

Idk why they said that on YT, but he was 12 and already a murderer. During the mask event/college, he and Jonathan are about 20/21.

Corrected to the age we first see him at although there’s no indication of how much time passed between then and the other stuff he does to/because of Jonathan


They’re probably talking about his very first appearance. I’m pretty sure he was 12 then.


Well, I finished day one before logging into the forums today ^^ I actually watched it twice, once with english subtitles and once without subtitles.

The experience : I haven’t watched any anime with english subtitles for quite a while now, thinking I’d try to make the immersion leap, but while I have a ROUGH understanding of what’s happening during a series, I never REALLY comprehend what’s going on. Watching it with english subtitles now, I was amazed that I was already picking up more words than without them, because many times it would click that I knew the word, I just didn’t hear it clearly enough. This comprehension rate was roughly similar (though a little less) upon the second watch through without subtitles.

Already an interesting result in my eyes ^^