You know you’ve been WKing when


Close enough


Happened to me too, a few days ago…gruesome…


My typing has gotten way worse because of this site training me to be only approximate.


… when you find a new kanji (鷲) and think “Ok, it’s a capital, a dog and a bird… oh wait, capital and dog is settle in, so it’s settle in and bird… A bird that settles in… Now, I wonder what it might be…” than look it up the and then “Ah, so it’s an eagle! A bird that settles in is an eagle. Wow, she settles in, わし”…


When your sleep schedule is determined by whether or not WK reviews or lessons are coming.


…whenn you type nn twice everytime it’s at the end of a word


This is my favorite one so far.

I just got 女の子 for burning, and the peril I had to face making sure I didn’t type おんあのこ or おなのこ was almost too much.


When you practice random kanji on the paper table cloth at a restaurant with the crayons provided to your kid cousins, and the Asian waiter tries to make sense of it while clearing the table.


You know you’ve been WKing when…

People ask you what you do for a living and you answer “reviews”.


…when you get the lesson for the 3rd goddamn vocab for employment (従業・就業・雇用) and then you realize it has no synonyms so at least kaniwani will automatically link them all together and you breathe a huge sigh of relief. :disappointed_relieved:

(meanwhile these other level 39 vocabs are so abstract in meaning i just know i’m gonna get my ass kicked)


Basically, I got my ass kicked for any vocab somewhere above level 30.


Can confirm, ass is being kicked.


Actually me, all day, every day. I see many others have pulled this quote also, so I’m no longer sorry.


And then get angry when Kaniwani doesn’t accept the one you used! :smiley:


Something to look forward to for the ones of us under 30…


When you learn 天の川 from WK, and you think “when will I ever use this, I’m not an astronomer…”, and you pickup a story book, and…there it is on page 1! And your like “whoah, I just used it!”.




sorry couldn’t help myself


Eventually you get to the point where you can read compound words (as in, pronunciation), but still have no idea of what they mean


…And circumstance. And important. And expectation.