You know you’ve been WKing when


…when you think when would 作文 (composition) every be useful but then you hear it used in your anime (Gintama if anyone was curious)
…when you kick yourself for forgetting to double tap dat n to make it a ん. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written 今夜 as こにゃ instead of こんや. :crying_cat_face:


…when you see a kanji like 座, and you think ‘Well, I remember there was a wizard involved, sitting on a gravestone, so the reading is ざ. But what is he doing there, sitting on the gravestone?’ You tell Wanikani that you don‘t remember the meaning, look it up and facepalm. (It‘s ‘sit’ for those who are curious)

Happens to me all the time. The other day I had 庭 coming up for burning, and I was like, ‘What is the Big Bird king doing in a garden? Oh no, I forgot the meaning’. Failed the burn :see_no_evil:.


…when even your Japanese colleagues jump in like “What the hell is that?!”


…and 本屋 as ほにや instead of ほんや…


When you’re going through about 100 reviews and you feel like you’re getting loads wrong, on the verge of putting your fist through the screen


But then the final result comes up at 85% and you’re like…



oh boy

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Every time I see this message, it’s a complete toss-up as to whether or not I’m happy to see it or if I mock it like “Oh bOy! MoRe itEmS BecAme AvAilAbLe whIlE yOu WeRe dOinG yOur ReviEws!”


Yo dawg, I heard you like reviews so…

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… If there’s a userscript that can change it to say that, I want it. But it took you posting this message to make me realize just how badly I wanted it. ;-;


Your not wrong, I would use it.


You know you’ve been WKing when people tell you “srs” and you think they’re talking about the Spaced Repetition System.


Is there another SRS?




Ah I see,

so it’s like

“How should i study kanji?”



… you finally decipher the majority of an NHK News Web Easy article independently, only for it to explain that when you get there in April beer will cost 10% more than it does right now… なんだよおい!


When you already know a compound kanji that WK hasn’t taught you yet, but it gives you one of the components and you think, “Huh, I bet next level it will teach me this one…”


Or simple random sample/stratified random sample for those in Stats


I thought it’d be best to put it here even though it’s about the forums and not WK itself.

I was typing out a tweet/post for another site, and felt a little tug of ‘wait, that’s not 10 characters’ then immediately got surprised when it was posted with no error at all.



I like this picture better than your previous one, Salad.


Me too! The first one was just to throw people off and wonder where Reemomo went :tomato: oh btw, please still call me tomato! It’s just a username ;A;

I figured that if I used this right away, people will be able to tell who I am since these are the signature Tomato Reemomo colors. Now it is TomatoSalad’s too!