You ever think, "That can't be right?"

Every now and then I like to hover over my WaniKani Dash and look at the absurd number of kanji and vocabulary words I’ve allegedly learned through this site. Recently it just looks ridiculous.

“1500 Kanji? No way. Impossible. I know like, twelve, tops.”

I remember a few months back when a teacher asked me how many words/kanji I’d learned through here and it was only about a thousand total between kanji, vocab, and radicals and even that seemed outrageous, but this is another level. It’s definitely true though, I can read the subtitles at movies here in Japan more and more, and I can read all but like two or three kanji on the milk cartons at lunch! But seeing it in numerical form like that still feels unreal.

Anyone else feel this way about their WK progress?


Yeah, one of the crazy things has been the slow realization that, even more than fourteen levels lower than you, the kanji I don’t know in daily reading situations are vastly outnumbered by the ones I do, and few enough that I can get context from words around them and parse the meaning anyway. I can read manga without furigana, can make use of Japanese captions, I can freaking renew my own insurance, fill out medical forms, prepare my own driver’s license paperwork, etc. All with minimal kanji lookup.

But unlike you, I look at my numbers and go, “But I only know around 800. That’s less than half. That can’t be right.”

The program just takes you such a long way. That half is the more commonly used one, and it makes such a difference in terms of comprehension/quality of life. With just under half the program done.


My numbers are ridiculous small compared to your stash of kanji knowledge, but I now reached 200 kanjis, which is an amazing number to me. I was never good with languages and started 4 times learning japanese and never got beyond the kanas. That‘s why I‘m amazed about myself, that Wanikani actuslly made me stick to it and teached me around 500 vocabs, too. I slowls start to recognise more and more kanji, when trying to decifer a japanese webpage or simple mangas and graded readers. It really is amazing


Right now I know a little over 900 and I’m truly amazed. Looking back on the days where I would try to read something and just skip over everytime I saw a kanji it’s hard to believe how far I’ve come. Now I’m Kanji obsessed and there’s nothing like coming across a kanji in the wild that I learned only a few days or even sometimes hours ago. We should all be proud of ourselves and the effort we’ve put forth. WaniKani FTW :grin:



Well, I am only about a week into this site and all I had done previously was learn hiragana and katakana. When I do a lesson it seems daunting to be able to memorize these. Then I look back and am surprised at what I already memorized, and then I think that the lessons I am learning now will eventually be memorized just like these. All I have to do is give it time and effort. I am happy to read about everyone who has made so much progress, I hope to reach that far as well.


It seemed just as daunting when I started, but time flies, and even though it can be disheartening seeing so many people on here that are so much farther ahead, just take it level by level. We all are here because we stuck with it, despite that hard times. You can too!


Thank you very much! I am fascinated with this sites approach to teaching this language, and hearing from all of you makes me feel I am learning something of substance.


Yeah, I probably know closer to 900 between everything unlocked in Wanikani and kanji I’ve picked up only from daily life or other learning materials. I’m always just very cautious on this number and go by the kanji I’d say I know very well, which is whatever’s in Enlightened or Burned on Wanikani at the time.


Well I feel almost the same.
It seems i know around 1300+ Kanji, 1377 based on wkstat, but I really can’t believe it.
Anyway when i read some text I realize I recognize more and more kanji than ever; I recently took a quick look at some N2 material, preparing, again, for the exam, and i found out i almost recognize every kanji there… amazing!


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