Wrong Kanji meaning? 維

I was just doing some research on jisho during my review, and i found out that this kanji 維 has the meaning of fiber/tie/rope in jisho, and also imiwa.
However wanikani presents it as “Mantain” at lv36.
Is this a mistake or what?

The #1 meaning on Kanjipedia (a site run by the people who run the Kanji Kentei) includes words that could be translated in English as “maintain”.


Meanings #2/3 are the ones you’re referring to.

The order isn’t super important there (which is to say that it’s not like anything beyond #1 isn’t worth knowing), but add synonyms if you want.

PS: Listing Jisho and imiwa is redundant, they use the same free sources, as do most free English-Japanese dictionary apps


Well first of all thanks for the kanjipedia link, didn’t know the site.
Anyway, when I look at the meaning section I can only find rope related meaning: the first one is つなぐ , isn’t it “to connect” ?

Sorry for the resources but I cannot check other dictionary right know because i’m abroad.

From Jisho, for つなぐ

  1. to connect; to link together​
  2. to tie; to fasten; to restrain​
    3. to maintain; to preserve; to keep​
  3. to transfer (phone call); to put a person through​
  4. to hedge; to buy or sell forward​

When combined with ささえる and たもつ, they converge on the “maintain, keep, preserve” meaning.

Remember, those 3 are given as an example for the meaning expressed in 維持, which is usually translated as “maintenance”

In any case, adding synonyms is certainly justifiable, but I maintain that “maintain” is not a mistake on WK’s part.


Ok, thanks for the explanation!


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