Writing Practice on English Paper

I’ve been practicing writing kana and kanji on just regular english paper. I dont have any easy access to Japanese writing paper so I was wondering what a good guideline for spacing and size is…? Should kana and kanji fill up an entire row height? Are the little っ or ゃ , etc. supposed to be a half size of the others? Any other tips? Should I use graph paper or something?

Fill as much of the row height as normal - if you fill the whole row height, it’s just going to run into the line above. Small kana are about half-size, yes.

In an idealised animated world, it looks something like this:

original (1)

If you want to try fancy Japanese kanji-grid paper, you can print it off yourself quite easily:


Note that you write vertically when using that paper.


This made me wonder if my whole childhood I was always writing in Spanish paper or if it was imported.


That looks like it makes sense but I still struggle to fit some of the more complex kanji into such a small space. Heheh. Thanks for the visual aid. I might try to print off some of that kanji-grid paper but reading/writing down still kind of hurts my head. Thanks!


I don’t know why I put English paper in there lol! I guess I just never thought about how standardized paper formatting is. Please excuse my ignorance.


And many people write “fullsize” kana at about 80% the size of kanji. Unlike in fonts.


Just friendly banter! You did make me spend like a solid minute thinking like… what’s English paper… what am I missing… full on red yarn on cardboard

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I was honestly picturing an essay OP was supposed to be writing for English class. I was thinking “but… when did kanji come into the conversation”.

Or else some sort of white paper.

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Apologies! haha. If you connect all the dots of the english paper conspiracy, it turns out I just have no idea what I’m talking about! :slight_smile:

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Clearly I’m terrible at explaining myself. I guess I just never thought about what to call writing paper… just writing paper obviously … derp!

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I’d probably use “notebook paper” or “loose-leaf paper”. Writing paper kind of has a no lines feel to it in my head. Like fancy stationery. And now I’m overthinking it.

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Totally off-topic, but what anime is that from? That looks like an interesting essay.

It’s written across the top of the page. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks :+1: