Writing out kanji (font)

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I’m aiming to practice writing out each kanji, however the font is more like a print font than one you’d see written down by hand.

Just wondering what people are using as a guide for writing them out?

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If you search for 教科書体 (literally “textbook font”) you’ll find examples that are meant to look like they are neat handwriting.

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I’m not sure if you are looking for suggestion or just casually asking others’ method.

  • If you are looking for suggestion. You might want to install “stroke order” script on Wanikani or search google by these 2 keywords “kanji” and “stroke order”
  • I’m using an apps called “Kanji Tree” on my tablet to practice my Kanji writing.
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It’s a little bit of both. My hope was that there was a location where the kanji were written out in order of their level in WK. That way I can learn the kanji, and practice writing them out afterwards.

You know, as I was typing out this reply I just remembered that another WK user (Fallynleaf) gave me a link to a website for this yesterday. It’s been a long day at work I guess! The website is Kanji.sh | Download Kanji worksheets for all Wanikani levels

Sorry for taking up any of your time, and thanks for the replies!

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If you have a tablet with a pen. You might want to try Kanji Tree. I like it personally. It’s like an infinite kanji practice book.

You could write it with your finger, I guess. If you want to use it on your smart phone, but it would be really awkward.

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Unfortunately I don’t :frowning:

I was trying an app on my phone today, but fingers just don’t do it justice! Besides, I have some notebooks to fill out, so I can see how I’ve progressed over time.

I use the Jisho forms when I’m writing on paper. You can get a script that inserts the Jisho writing guide into the lessons and reviews, or just go to their webpage.


Thanks! Is that the script that adds the stroke order to each kani page? If so I just installed it, and it looks great!

Here it is: WaniKani Stroke Order


That’s the one!

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