Writing Challenge

Diary Challenge!

* Keep a diary! Sounds too simple?
* Give yourself a minimum goal, whether that’s one sentence, one paragraph, or even one page!
* Do your best to keep up writing every day!
* If you find that you missed a day because you were busy, make it up the next day by writing about the day you missed plus that current day, or whatever it is that you wish to write about. But at least try to keep up your minimum.


  • When learning a language, learning grammar and vocabulary can only take you so far if you’re not utilizing it.

  • As I heard from KemushiChan ロレッタ channel on YouTube, the two largest components of developing your language abilities is through ① speaking and ② writing. She also mentioned that language is a skill, like playing piano, or ice skating; it is something that requires constant practice and refinement.

  • Through keeping a diary, you’ll find yourself needing to learn how to express a certain thought or idea that you previously didn’t believe you needed to! It’ll help you expand your skills. Add drawings! Make little arrows to label your drawings! Writing kanji helps SO MUCH. It forces you to remember what words have what characters and which characters have what radicals. PERSONALLY, JUST THE OTHER DAY, I STRUGGLED TO REMEMBER HOW TO WRITE 出 BUT I COULD WRITE 疑 HOW EMBARRASSING. So please, try this.

Have fun with it :~)


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