Would you like to read this book?

I have a PDF Copy of 10っ分でよめるお話二年生, it is a short compilation of children stories, and I was thinking If maybe we can read It together, We can do a schedule and read a couple of pages every week or day, of course I will post the pages here and we can discuss about it, what do you guys think? If it is not a good idea please delete the post.

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Well I was about to say “we were reading that, but we got stalled in the middle”, but it turns out that was 物語 rather than お話. Boy, it can be hard to tell the difference between some of these books sometimes…

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Now that you mention it, what is the difference between 物語 and お話? :thinking:

Probably something like the difference between “tale” and “story”. :slightly_smiling_face:


お話 is “lighter” in its feel. Potentially, if you have a very serious tale to tell, you might avoid it for that reason. But there is decent overlap between the two.


Thank you Belthazarさん and Leeboさん for explaining the differences between these words

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