Would be really nice to have a better rollback function

I came down with the flu a few weeks ago and before I know it I’m sitting at hundreds of reviews and now just broke one thousand and simply cancelled the subscription. I know you can level down and stuff like that but I’m not sure that would even fix my problem. It’d nice if there was some retroactive vacation mode or better ways to control the amount of reviews from choking me to death. Maybe I’ll come back sometime but having this insane amount of reviews piling up completely killed my motivation.

There’s some advice I can’t really attribute (sorry to whoever originally posted it), but it’s not mine:

[EDIT: see next post for the better, verbatim advice]

1. Immediately vacation mode. Stop reviews from piling up anymore, if you want to continue.
2. Start by just chipping away at what you have - it should stand to reason, don’t complete any lessons while you’re doing this.
3. Take it in discrete chunks - allow yourself time to come back into it, but enforce a set amount you want to accomplish each day. 100 a day isn’t too bad, especially if it’s spaced 25 four times a day. At that rate, you’d have all of them done in a little over a week.

It’ll seem insurmountable, but the important thing to do at this point is to stem the bleeding and try to patch up what you can. You’ve gotten up this far - you can definitely recover!


Hey, I found it. Here’s @ctmf 's original guide for the verbatim source. Go give them some love if it helped you :slight_smile:

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