Workbooks to practice writing kanji based on reading?

I posted this to the Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List thread a while ago, but I guess it wasn’t noticed there. I’m looking for a workbook that makes you write words in kanji based on reading.

For example, Kanji in Context workbook has this: 「今日の 天気 はいいですね」(What is the reading of the bolded word?) And this type of exercise is great for memorizing readings.

But it doesn’t have: 「今日の てんき はいいですね」(What are the kanji of the bolded word?)

Does somebody know books with these kind of exercises? It would be much appreciated, thanks! :smile:

Things like kanji drill books for Japanese students contain plenty of these, though you’d have to order them from Amazon Japan or something, and they’re organized by Japanese grade level. Similarly, books intended to help people prepare for the Kanji Kentei have a lot of writing drills. Though they also have lots of types of problems based on other aspects of kanji, since writing is only about 50% of Kanken problems.

You can find Kanken drills online as well. (For all of these, there are just a few problems on the page, but then if you scroll down there will be links to more pages for the same level)

Level 10 (Japanese elementary grade 1) 漢字検定10級書き取り問題【1】
Level 9 漢字検定9級書き取り問題【1】
Level 8 漢字検定8級書き取り問題【1】
Level 7 漢字検定7級書き取り問題【1】
Level 6 漢字検定6級書き取り問題【1】
Level 5 漢字検定5級「書き取り」問題【1】
Level 4 漢字検定4級「書き取り」問題【1】
Level 3 漢字検定3級「書き取り」問題
Level pre-2 漢字検定準2級「書き取り」問題
Level 2 漢字検定2級「書き取り」問題


Thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for and those Kanken drills look great! I’ll be searching for kanji drill books from Amazon JP then. Thanks a bunch! :smile:

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If you happen to fancy it, there’s a pretty awesome Anki deck, that has exactly the type of questions you described. I posted about it in the Kanken thread:


This is a bit of a late reply as I had to dig through my old school textbooks to find the one which had this.

The “Japanese for Everyone” textbook series has a “Kanji book” that goes along with it that has both types of exercises (reading and writing):

Note for anyone buying: There is also a “Workbook” for this series. That is not what you want. You want the “Kanji Book”.

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What level does the kanji book go up to? It looks fun!

It covers a total of 526 kanji, in the order used in the corresponding textbook (mostly based on frequency of use, it looks like).

When I did a quick Google search it seems like it might be out of print, but there are a few used editions around. The ISBN number for the kanji book is 4051516962 if you want to search for it.


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