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Hello there, not sure if this is the right place to ask this but, would it be possible to add “experiment” to the blacklist for the level 20 vocabulary 経験 ?

I keep messing it up for some reason and it’s still recognized as right


I guess it would be best to directly email the team at hello@wanikani.com as the forums are not closely monitored by them.


Can also add a ping to the @Mods.

Also in the meantime, if you don’t mind installing a userscript you can install one of the ones that doesn’t allow the fuzzy matching to pass close, but incorrect answers and instead will shake.


I use this. I didn’t like the idea of spelling mistakes getting a free pass but also didn’t want to fail based on it. This provides a nice middle ground where I’m forced to correct it.


Hi, we added experiment to the block list. And if you have more in the future, feel free to email us like the others have mentioned, or tag us on your post!


Thanks for the quick reply and implementation! :slight_smile:

I will indeed let you know if I find anything else

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Thanks for the suggestion!

Unfortunately I mostly do my study/reviews on mobile so I don’t have the chance to use scripts :frowning:

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Makes sense. I always miss it when doing reviews on my phone, too.

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If you’re using an Android you can run scripts on Kiwi Browser. That’s what I do.

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