WK user backgrounds

Hi WK people,

I am curious about the profiles of current WK users, where’s everybody from, and what’s your current proficiency level?

I am doing some research on Japanese language learners, and curious about your language backgrounds.


*To be completely transparent, this information will NOT be used for research purposes in anyway, its merely just to get an indication of the types of learners currently active within the WK community, thank you.


You were certainly more open and ethical about this being for your own research in the topic you just deleted. I think you really need to state expressly that posting in this thread is for your research purposes and I think people deserve to know how you planning to using the information gathered here.

Deleted topic:

" Hi fellow Japanese language learners,

I’m currently an Applied Linguistics postgraduate here in the UK, specialising in Japanese second language acquisition.

I need help from the community to find volunteers to participate in my disseration. The study concerns the learning of L2 Japanese vocabuluary and self-regulation. I’m looking for volunteers who are aged 18 and over, ranging from beginner-to-intermediate level. I am also looking to recruit 3-4 people for a follow-up interview (which can be done online via Microsoft Teams). The interview is entirely voluntary.

Should you wish to take part in the study; you will be first asked to register and complete an online proficiency test, followed by a short survey. Then you’ll complete a short vocabulary training session, and susequent vocabulary comprehension quiz. Sessions will take 5-15mins to complete, with no session lasting more than 20mins. The sessions will be conducted online, and at your own convenience.

Data collected will be pseudonymised, and used for the sole purpose of writing my dissertation. The ethics approval reference number for this study is [xxxx]

If you feel that this is something that you are interested in please let me know, or send me a DM.



Sorry, yeah, I am currently working on ethics approval documents, Of course, I will be upfront about my research when I formally get ethics approval, at this stage its more exploratory to see even if there would be enough members who fit my research profile. I will in no way be using any of this information, at all. Thank you for pointing this out, it is not my intention to misguide anybody. I’ll be more transparent in my my recent post.


I’ve edited the main post to something more appropriate, I don’t want to deceive anyone, especially in this community which is awesome, I have been a part of it for many years myself. Thank you


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