WK needs a native Mark Wrong

This is the third item I’ve burned in the last week that SHOULD NOT have been burned and with the sad death of the Double Check script, I can no longer mark it wrong.

Resurrection is not an acceptable substitute to making a value decision to mark an answer wrong.

Also what’s up with “solution” as a correct answer? That just seems completely broken.


“Resolution” is on the accepted list. That meaning seems to be used in chemistry:

“Solution” should definitely be blacklisted


Just gonna @Mods rq.
New typo just dropped.

Hey Cr_nch! Thanks for the ping! I’ve added ‘solution’ to the block list for 分解.

Hey @skatefriday I’ve added your feedback about a native mark wrong button to the list. My guess is that if this were to be implemented, it would be in tandem with the undo button suggestion for answers that were marked incorrect, but the user deemed a typo. Thanks again for the feedback, we always appreciate it! Also, Happy Birthday!! :cake: :fish_cake:

-Nick at WK


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